Last week announced it had closed a seed funding round led by the Dubai based, Rio Technology Partners.

We decided to have a chat with the Accra based startup's Co-founder and CEO, Gerard Badaweh Yitamkey, to hear about their business and prospects having secured another seed funding round after previously having secured a seed funding with Savannah Fund.

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iAFRIKAN: Given recent funding, what will be the major focus for going forward?

Gerard Yitamkey: Going forward, we plan to focus on improving customer service, ensuring customers are completely satisfied with the Ahonya experience.

We plan on accomplishing this by continuing to building a world class team of hustlers, eager to transform retail in Ghana.

The capital infusion from Rio Partners will also allow us to take further risks with merchandise buying and planning, as we plan on securing a larger stock of in-house electronics inventory, sourced locally in Ghana and internationally.

This will lead to faster delivery times and cash on delivery payment options.

Would that also mean you are looking to expand beyond Ghana?

At the moment we want to focus on the Ghanaian market only.

Any thoughts on potential competitors like Jumia and Konga despite them not having launched in Ghana yet?

As you know, neither Jumia nor Konga has launched operations in Ghana, but of course they’re on our radar - competition validates the e-commerce space in Africa.

Let's talk about the team - of the staff, which are technical (software development), logistics, back office etc.?

We have a ten person team currently, and we only outsource our logistics & deliveries. Everything else is done in-house (customer service, IT, accounting, etc.).

We are currently recruiting talent for the marketing (online and offline), business development and customer service business units, and plan to add 10 – 20 staff in the next six months.

How important is software development to

The entire Ahonya website - backend, front-end designs and mobile website – was built by Ahonya software developers.

Even though our site works similar to any e-commerce sites, we needed several unique features, and building it in-house was the best path forward.

From the beginning, we have been a true tech company, and technical competence has been our focus.

Lastly, any hindrances about doing e-commerce in Ghana?

Erratic power supply in Ghana is a major problem.

There was an argument by some of my friends that it is becoming easier to get internet access than access to power!

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