I have often wondered why there’s a lot of fuss over social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Badoo, and a host of many others when compared to that of LinkedIn’s.

Apparently very few people see the worth or benefit of using LinkedIn.

In this article, I will consider some important benefits of LinkedIn and how it benefits you as well as your business.

The statistics as at 2013 showed that the population of people on LinkedIn has increased drastically in comparison to when it started.

LinkedIn isn’t just a “resume” site as most people might think, today it’s a premiere site having people from all walks of life all over the world coming to set up profiles for effective business building.

With the Top Ten Countries with the most users of LinkedIn being USA, India, Brazil, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia, it is said that the population of people using LinkedIn is equivalent to that of the entire population of Spain as a country and twice the population of South Korea.

Currently, LinkedIn has over 200 million users and still counting.

So here are some business benefits of LinkedIn.

Streamlined Target

With LinkedIn you are able to focus your search on the people that matter to you and your business and not be bothered picking random persons that might not add to your business or to you as an individual.

This can help you make the most of your growing user-base as a company or enterprise.

Professional Networking

Putting your business in view, from blogging to job listings, LinkedIn is a platform for sourcing the best of information pertaining to your business.

This means that you could connect to other people in the same industry as you.


Now, I find this interesting and at other times annoying.

Unlike other social media platforms, the users of LinkedIn are in here for a particularly different reason…to promote their brands, grow their businesses, recruit more staff and other professional reasons.

Free Resume Posting

Everything that pertains to a resume is there and available for all to see.

Your LinkedIn profile is a posted resume that every person on your contact list can see and thus contact you when you fit into what they need.

Now it doesn’t just end there, you are able to show off your experience and have people who know you recommend and endorse you.

What this means is that, you are not just claiming to have the skills that your profile say you have, but that people having recommended you are saying that they are witnesses to the fact that you actually possess the said abilities, way better than just referees because the endorsement and recommendations are actually coming from people that are seen as experts.


As a business, you have the opportunity to show off the projects that you have handled before as you can display your works in both pictures, videos and presentations because in LinkedIn, you are viewed as an expert in your industry that others want to get to know and work with.

Although there are paid subscription options in LinkedIn, you can pretty much get by initially with the free option.

Conversion Rate Optimizer

Talk about LinkedIn, you’re talking about one of the best conversion funnels.

With your professional display of all that you have previously done, and you belonging to industry specialized groups, people who connect to you end up being the right traffic for conversion.

When they like what they se, they are more likely to go straight to your links and visit your website.

Your personal updates are quick to bring in traffic as long as you have active connections. With a blog post that looks professional for the industry group you are in, there is a high tendency that your connection would follow you and see you as a leader in comparison to your connection because you always have something to blog about.

Directly Established Relationships

Yes, you might not have seen your connections before but you have established a relationship that makes it easy for them to contact you when there is need for business.

This is possible if you comment often on their own posts as everyone loves to get feedback from their posts.

Traffic via LinkedIn Groups

You can imagine a group with over a thousand members with the same interest, and then you share your blog post, that’s an instant conversion

Guess what? There are many such groups available on LinkedIn.

Direct Access to Experts and Mentors

It was earlier said that the “big guys” might outsource their social media to someone or some other company, but LinkedIn is often maintained personally.

So you have the opportunity of a direct access when you need contributions of experts and people that you see as mentors in an area.

You could even direct questions to experts from other areas and get free consultation.

Third Party Connections

Being a part of a group gives you access to what is known as the 3rd party connections, these are people that you normally wouldn’t have been able to meet.


You can send personal mails to these 3rd party connections that you wouldn’t have been able to reach although it is a premium package that is paid for.

You’re in the Know

With LinkedIn, you are always in the know through your direct and indirect connections.

You can know which of your connections are currently recruiting or looking for something you can offer, training that you are interested in as well that of your 3rd party connections.

You could also follow LinkedIn experts of a particular field with relations to their blogs posts or update of topics that strike a chord in your business.

As long as what you want is professionally based, then you’re talking LinkedIn.

Cover Image Credit: Sheila Scarborough

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