Have you noticed how your Facebook search bar (the one that says "Search for People, Places, and Things") keeps bringing up Facebook Profiles and Pages you visited and searched for before?

Ever wondered why they showed up?

Answer is simple, Facebook stores all your search history.

Mark Zuckerberg's social network stores every single word you type in the search field!

Now you're probably angry and concerned about your privacy and asking: How do I view and clear my Facebook search history?

Not to worry, the process to delete your Facebook search history is simple as we detail the steps below:

Steps To Delete Facebook Search History

  1. Go to your Facebook Timeline Page (Profile Page)

  2. Find and click on a button labelled Activity Log

  3. On the left hand side menu click on Search Menu

  4. At the top of the Search Menu page you will see a Clear Searches link, click on it

Now your search history is gone, whether it's deleted from Facebook servers is another matter altogether :-).

Image Credit: paz.ca

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