What is the use of operating an e-commerce site when you cannot measure your site’s performance?

How then do you know what to work on – improve or run away from?

There are many metrics available to help monitor the performance of your e-commerce site.

The main question now is what do you keep track of and how does it affects your business success?

It doesn’t matter if you are new in the business or if you’ve been there for a while, there are metrics that helps you get clarity. You’re able to discover where you currently are operating from and where you’re headed.

Conversion Rate

The number of visitors that gets converted to buyers.

Evaluate conversion for the different advertising sources employed in promotions, email campaigns etc and know what service / product effectively drives in more sales and not just being limited to website traffic.

Gross Margin

Amount of cash left after the cost of the goods sold has been deducted.

Here you are expected to put into consideration your gross margin if you’re thinking of reinvesting profits for more growth.

Subscriber Growth List

This metric explores the various ways to address growth in your subscriber’s list.

Other than email marketing that is regularly used to pass across information for new products and services or updates which could actually end on emails that are not in use anymore.

Value Per Visit

Helps you understand the worth of each visitor to your website. This can be measured by dividing the revenue of your website by the number of visitors over a particular period of time.

This helps your decision making when considering advertising and your ROI.

Average Order Value

Refers to the average value of each sale. How much does each customer spend at a minimum?

Just divide the revenue by the number of transactions and to boost average order size you could offer free deliveries at a particular number of purchases.

Cart Abandonment Rate

Simply put, how many visitors to your site as against how many bounced purchase. And then calculate the cart abandonment.

You could recapture your customers through the cart.

Percentage of Mobile Visits

If your site is not configured to fit mobile users then there’s a big issue.

Mobile usage grows on the daily. Know your volume of visits – sales – coming from mobile users this way you know how best to handle and improve your site performance.

Putting into consideration the right metrics and making use of them will help you’ll have an improved web performance.

Cover Image Credit: JE Norton

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