Many people make the mistake of seeing LinkedIn as just a site to post a resume.

LinkedIn is professionally all encompassing. From connecting as an individual and also as an organization there are many accruing benefits of being on the professional social platform of the world’s largest business network.

It is a great platform not just for individuals but also for businesses and brands to network and connect with people, as it widens your professional network.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Just like in the case of SEO, with LinkedIn you can boost and influence the search result of your business or organization with the LinkedIn profile optimizer.

With a unique URL, which you can create by yourself, create a clear and concise URL. All you need do is 'edit profile –> public profile-> edit → make changes' – done!

SEO depends on keywords so you just might want to be sure of the words you use in your URL, you can check out other profiles and get ideas from there.

You can also provide different links to your other social media or your website on your profile. Best of all use a call to action.

The Right Connection

You connect to those who are pretty close to you as well as those that are friends of your friends.

You can also connect to clients, professionals and then people that you have something in common with.
You could also join groups that are beneficial to your business or relevant to what you do or your industry.

You don’t just join groups but you participate in these groups joined by getting involved in forum discussions. You are kept in the know of what the recent happenings are in your industry or industry of interest.

Creating topic for discussion also strikes you as a professional in your field, thereby boosting your followership and driving traffic…relevant traffic to your website.

Dream Job and Targeted Clients

For jobs, minus the connections you have that could lead you to being connected to CEOs as well as recruiting officers and HR Managers, you could search through the LinkedIn recruiting pages as you search for new contacts.

Recommendations gotten from people you’ve worked with/for make you look as real as possible and keeps the recruiters mind at rest with you as there’s a level of trust that these recommendations give you.

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