I am Beta to Psi, a creation of the Alpha and Omega.
An agent for universal transformation.
I am a creative force.
I am a technology addict, a change addict and
I am Geek.

I am the thing that goes bump in the Garage at night, creating new entities from my grey matter.
I’m the scourge of the corporates.
The delight of the masses, the subject of media curiosity.
I am Geek.

I am the one the tech media warned you about.
I am the one coming to disrupt you and make you lose your comfortable and lazy jobs.
I am your worst nightmare as a “corporation man”,
I am Geek.

I am not the parody you watch on “The Big Bang Theory”,
I am real,
I am change,
I am coming after your hallowed but flawed models.
I am a swashbuckler,
I am a Pirate,
I am Geek.

I am a machine for change an agent for transcendental transformation.
I may not always wear hoodies but I am putting in my 10,000 hours in every way I can.
They say I “typically” own a Mac but you know that is wack.
I definitely own my own servers,
I am Geek.

I am African, Asian and American,
I am a citizen of the Universe.
My languages may differ but algoritims are similar.
I am the interface that brings disruption alive,
I am the high priest and the acolyte of tech.
GitHub is one of my shrines,
Ubuntu is my safe haven.
I am Geek.

I am Beta to Psi, the man/woman in the middle of all creation.
I am not just Greek,
“I am Geek”.

Cover Image Credit: Mayeesherr

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