One word I would use to describe the Infinix Zero smartphone; slick.

The Infinix Zero is an Android phone designed by Infinix Mobility in France. It's a dual micro SIM smartphone running on Android Kit Kat. The phone has the ability to seduce you at first sight, love at first sight.

Using low cost and mid range Android smartphones causes me so much pain, it's a struggle. With the Infinix Zero, it is different. It is a phone I found myself using as my primary device with joy throughout the time I reviewed it. The phone isn’t 100% sweet without having some snark.


It is a beautiful slab at 5” (inches), powered by a 1.4 Ghz Octa Core processor. The battery powering this device is 1920 mAh Li-ion battery. It supports an external micro SD card and a dual micro SIM. In the box, there’s a pin that you can use to pop out the SIM and micro SD card tray with ease.

It is a little rounded at the edges. The micro SD card tray is to the right, same place where we have the volume rocker and the power button. The SIM tray is to the left of the phone.

![Infinix Zero SIM Tray](/content/images/2014/10/Infinix-Zero-SIM-Tray.jpg)

The front facing camera is at 2 megapixel, while the back camera is 13 megapixel with flash. More about the performance of the camera later.

I like the fact that, unlike on Tecno Android smartphones, the Infinix logo is not embossed in front of the phone. It is hidden at the back.

![Infinix Zero Logo](/content/images/2014/10/Infinix-Zero-2.jpg)

Until the owner of the phone tells you, you’ll have a hard time figuring what phone it is.


Powered by the latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat, the phone runs very smoothly and I did not experience any unusual crash of apps or lag while using it.

I found the native keyboard with its text prediction / autocorrect to be sufficient. It has the same semblnace with what is on Google Nexus 5. I am just so used to SwiftKey’s functionaility, layout and beauty that I had to enable SwiftKey a few days later. (SwiftKey is preinstalled on the phone)

The User Interface (UI) of the Infinix Zero is clean and uncluttered. I preferred it to that of LG, Samsung and HTC.

![Infinix Zero UI](/content/images/2014/10/Infinix-Zero-UI.PNG)

Immediately I get a new Samsung phone running TouchWiz, I usually remove touchwiz and slap Nova Launcher on it. On this one, there was no need. You might not have a need as well, as the UI is so close to pure Android.

Google Now works on this phone. Don’t dispel the phone because it is cheap. Cheap in price, but it packs so many premium features that you’ll have a feeling of this is too good to be true.

Once Google Now is running at the background, just lift the phone up and say; “okay Google” and Google Now (Search) is called up and you can speak into it.


I am not happy that a phone that packs this kind of resolution [720 x 1280 pixels (293ppi)] has only a battery of 1920 mAh. That capacity is pretty poor. The battery is as efficient as the one on Google’s Nexus 4 and 5. (they are piss poor when compared to those on Samsung and HTC Phones).

I get about 5 to 6 hours of use from using the phone to do e-mail, social media, messaging and a bit of photography. The battery might be able to last you a full day if data is switched off and you only use it to make/receive phone calls. I found that the battery lasted well on standby - leaving the data on and going to bed did not deplete the battery that much.

To enjoy the phone when you are out and about, you’ll need to get a power bank.

Remember, you can’t remove the battery.

Calls and Video Playback

Dialling out and receiving calls are not loud and clear enough. Sometimes, I have to check to see if the volume is cranked up to the highest possible level.

I’m stunned at the quality of the display when playing video. The display of the phone is stunning generally, so, you should not expect less while watching YouTube videos or playing your own videos. During a very bright day, you don't have anything to worry about as the screen is still legible.

Like with phone calls, there is problem with the audio - not as loud (comes out faint). You might need a sound booster (Boom Box) or attach earphones while watching movies.


I have written before that the power of a camera is not determined by the megapixel. It has a 13 megapixel back camera, but performs poorly in low light condition. If you are outdoor or the day is bright, you’ll get a fairly decent image.


Insurance that provides free screen replacement was made popular in Nigeria by Samsung. Microsoft Mobile is equally providing screen replacement with the Lumia 930. Infinix Mobility raises their game yet even more here as they throw in one more perk;

Free screen replacement if you accidentally damage your screen. You can claim these at any of their Callcare centres around you. There’s the Callcare app that is bundled with the phone that you can use to find the nearest Callcare centre around you.

There’s the annoying sound that the keypress makes. I found it pretty difficult locating where it is and turning it off. You may be have the same problem turning it off yourself.

How to turn it off:

  • Go to Settings
  • Language Input
  • Select the keyboard option
  • Unselect sound on keypress


I score this phone a whooping 7.5 out of 10.

The price is good, design is superb, UI is pretty and packaging is equally as lovely. The battery should have been bigger and the hardware function keys (home key, back key and option key) lack proper description as to what they are for.

You have to figure that on your own by pressing tehm and getting familair with them.

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