When you play music from your mobile phone or from your laptop, the quality may not be as you would have wanted it. I remember I used to put my iPhone is a bowl (not filled with water :-) ) while doing my laundry so that it can sound better and louder and it works. You should try it.

Bowl as iPhone Speaker

Or you might not have a need for trying it.

Level BOX

Samsung goes into different markets and tries out different product ranges.

The GALAXY range has been successful so far and Samsung is milking it dry right now - Samsung GALAXY Ace, Trend, New, Lite, Gear etc.

The Level is a category of audio devices being made by Samsung, there’s the

  • Level On
  • Level Over
  • Level Box

The Samsung Level Box is a rectangular audio box. It booms out when you connect your sound to it from a tablet, laptop, smartphone, desktop or any device that supports NFC and Bluetooth.

![Samsung Level Box Samsung Galaxy](/content/images/2014/10/Samsung-Level-Box-Samsung-Galaxy.jpg)

I was successful in connecting sound from my iPad, MacBook , Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Trend Lite with it.

I found it to be impressive in some ways and annoying in others.


The Level Box is not so heavy and the size is moderate. One one occasion, I made a Skype call using my WiFi only iPad mini (connected with Etisalat MiFi). The network wasn’t that clear and the audio from my iPad even at the highest volume wasn’t doing the trick. I remembered that I have the Level Box review unit with me and I connected it. Boom! The sound came alive. I was able to move about with the Level Box on one hand, iPad on the other and my MiFi on my pocket.

Other scenarios that the Level Box has come in handy for me is when I was doing my laundry outside the house and I do not want to disturb the neighbours by cranking the volume of the music coming from my home theatre to the loudest. We all have that one annoying neighbour that does that, not me. I left the iPad supplying the music in the house and brought the Level Box out with me where I was doing my laundry.

Who does laundry without music? Not me.

![Samsung Level Box Fitbit](/content/images/2014/10/Samsung-Level-Box-Fitbit.jpg)

Power cut without notice is common here in Lagos. When there’s a power cut, I play movies and music from my iPad or MacBook. When I do, I have to rely on the audio supplied by my iPad and my laptop. Why the audio supplied by my laptop is sufficient, I enjoy the quality of the sound booming from the Level Box more. Besides, the iPad volume is good too, but the one produced by the Level Box is of better quality. So, I usually connect to the Box.
When making conference calls in the office, you can equally use the Level Box.

You can not only connect to it via the Bluetooth and NFC but also via 3.5mm audio port.

Remote Control

The above are the sweet spots of the device, as I used it more and more, I immediately started to see where it falls short.

For instance. if the Box is a few metres away from where I am standing, I don’t want to be reaching for it or reaching for my iPad to control the music I am playing through the box.

I would appreciate a remote, it doesn't have one. However, you can download the Level app from the Google Play Store or the Samsung App Store. Note that the app is not compatible with non Samsung GALAXY devices.

I could not even get the app on the Samsung GALAXY Trend Lite (says the app is not compatible with my device).
I would have loved a remote control, preferable an app, that can play, pause, skip (forward/backward), stop and do all sorts, but the Level app could only change the settings of the Box in terms of the nature of the sound it is producing--rock, jazz, classical etc.


  • It supports NFC, Bluetooth and has a 3.5mm audio port. These are the options of connectivity that are available.

  • The controls at the top of the device are play/pause, volume up/down and power on/off.

  • On one side of the speaker is the button to activate bluetooth, 3.5mm audio port and the charging port. Once charged, you can use for up to 15 hours before you charge again.

It however lacks a battery indicator that’ll tell you when the battery is low. So, it is possible that you’ll be thinking you still have some power left and it is down. So, I just charge it randomly.


Samsung has been taken to court over ripping off Apple’s design and they have been fined in the past. The Level Box is being seen by some as a total rip off of the Jawbone Boom Box.

Samsung's New Bluetooth Speaker Looks Awfully Familiar

If you place them side by side with respect to design and the different colours that we have, you might begin to agree too.

Jawbone is not selling in our market here in Nigeria, except if you want to ship it in via Amazon, AliExpress or one of the other foreign e-commerce Websites. But the Level Box is available from Samsung and they have a deep and wide distribution network in Africa. Not just that, they have a network of support centres.


Besides missing the remote control, it is a lovely device. I do not have information as to availability and cost yet. As soon as I do, I will update this post.

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