Ghana was the first country in Africa to gain independence in 1957 and has been blessed with natural resources like gold, diamonds and silver to name a few.

The country has in return blessed the world with so many bright minds that have transformed many industries and fields. The first black United Nations Secretary General was Kofi Annan, a Ghanaian born in Kumasi in the Asante region ; and Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana and one of the fathers of the Pan-African movement. Other notable Ghanaians are Ozwald Boateng a fashion designer, Lord Paul Boateng, British Labour Party politician, member of House of Lords, solicitor, the late Komla Dumor an acclaimed broadcast journalist and Akosua Busia an actress.

I could go on and list many more acclaimed people from Ghana but my article is not about them, it is about a man who has not had any form of formal education but has created an empire that has been innovating , creating jobs and opportunities over the last four decades but little is known of him outside the borders of Ghana.

![Kwadwo Asafo Katanka](/content/images/2014/12/Kwadwo-Asafo-Katanka.png)

The man I am talking about is Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo.

He is a clergy man who was born on 26th August 1948 at Bekwai in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

He founded Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana in 1971, partly to win souls for God but also to challenge all human beings to produce all their technological needs to enjoy a better life on earth. Today he owns large farms that produces oil palm , cocoa, cassava, pineapples and chili pepper.

He also owns the Kristo Asafo Schools which run from nursery level to Senior High school. He also founded the Great Kosa Herbal Clinic.

The Kristo Asafo Mision which is the mother company of the companies set up by Apostle Kwadwo Safo instituted the Technology Exhibition in 1983. It is a yearly event to put on display the handiworks and products of Apostle Safo and his team of technologists.

On 30th of December I was an invited guest to the 34th Annual Technology Exhibition of the Kristo Asafo Group. To my amazement there were thousands of people who throng the exhibition venue at the Apostle Safo School of Arts and Sciences Awoshie in Accra to witness the great showcase.

![34th Annual Technology Exhibition of the Kristo Asafo Group](/content/images/2014/12/Raindolf-Owusu-Katanka-4x4.png)

Heads of various institutions and university vice chancellors and lecturers ,ministers of state ,paramount chiefs and all the general public came to this yearly exhibition with admiration.

The chairman of the occasion was Dr. Osei K. Darkwa , President of Ghana Telecom University and in his welcome address he talked about how

no nation can improve their status quo without technology advancement.

This year’s exhibition has been touted as one of a kind, in that Apostle Safo Kantanka exhibited a brand new vehicle known as the Kantanka ring car.

October Edition: An Insight into the world of Kantanka Automobiles - the history, present and the future

With this particular car, the driver only needs a specially made ring worn on any of the finger to start the car. Also, this four wheel drive will not start if the driver is drunk or wearing bathroom sandal as it has built in sensors that detect alcohol levels in the driver's breath and the shoe's he's wearing on the pedals.

The SUVs compare favourably with imported models as other features include:

  • Metallic paint
  • Power Steering
  • 5 Speed Transmission
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Leather Seats
  • Central Remote Lock System
  • Power Windows
  • Side Mirrors are controlled electronically
  • High End Sound System and Radio
  • Air-conditioning
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) communication protocols

to name a few.

![Katanka 4x4 SUV Electric Solar](/content/images/2014/12/Katanka-4x4-SUV-Electric-Solar.png)

The Kantanka automobiles are subjected to series of rigorous vehicle tests to ensure they are perfectly engineered, safe and comfortable. The company also make use of Quality Control Systems to ensure compliance with local and international standards.

The founder of the company mentioned during his keynote speech that the company would also commercialize their saloon cars and add buses before the close of 2015. He also spoke about the need of meditation and spirituality in coming up with ground breaking solutions to problems. He also adviced that it is important to spend more time in researching into science and technology.

He has also built an incubator for hatching chickens in just 19 days instead of the standard 21 days. Based on the learning experience that came with building this incubator, they have replicated the technology and based on industry specifications they have built an incubator for human babies born prematurely.

![Katanka Baby Incubator](/content/images/2014/12/Katanka-Incubator.png)

The Minister of Trade and Industry Dr Ekow Spio Gabrah was also in attendance, during his speech he promised that his ministry would be the "first customers" of the Kantanka brand of cars when they are produced in commercial quantities. The president of Ghana John Mahama recently launched a Made-in-Ghana committee, chaired by Dr Gabrah to champion the production of Made in Ghana goods.

The minister said the successes of the Apostle is a testimony that a black man can be a master of his own affairs.

Modern Kosa company producers of Kantanka brand of vehicles will like to collaborate from any well meaning car manufacturing company in Europe to join hands to set up a stronger fooot print in the automobile industry in Ghana, West Africa and Africa.


Apostle Safo believes that

if we challenge ourselves to commit our natural and economic resources into research, the human being no matter where he finds himself on this planet can produce most his technological needs.

Cover Image Credit: George Appiah

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