On 29 January 2015 we (iAfrikan) hosted Justin Spratt - Managing Director at Quirk Africa - where he talked about the Startup Manifesto.

Attendees present listened attentively as Justin held no punches back by "telling it like it is" on what it takes to start a tech startup using examples from the likes of Ronnie Apteker, Yossi Hasson and Justin Drennan.


His advice ranged from Grit is greater than Talent to founders should not be Married to their ideas.

He further explained, among other lessons, why income statements and balance sheets mean nothing when you're starting up and that your startup is only alive if cash is flowing through it.

β€œBeing an entrepreneur is eating two minute noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sleeping on other peoples couches, borrowing money from people and having an over night success in ten years timeβ€β€Šβ€”β€ŠJustin Spratt

During the Q & A session issues of diversity in technology, balancing employment and having a side project as well as venture capital were addressed by Justin.

You can view the highlights from the event in the video below.

Startup Manifesto with Justin Spratt from iAfrikan on Vimeo.

Rogerio Ferreira, one of the attendees, summarized the ten Startup Manifesto points Justin made on his Medium blog.

Startup Manifesto

Another attendee, inspired by Justin, explains why being an entrepreneur is about eating two minute noodles.

Being an Entrepreneur is eating two minute noodles...

The event would not have been possible without our partners, Internet Society Gauteng Chapter and SME South Africa.

SME South Africa managed to get an interview with Justin to get more advice he has for tech startups in this video below.

We hope to see you at our next events.

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