Up until now, Samsung seemed to have exhausted all their options.

The Samsung GALAXY S5 did not sell as much as the S3 and S4. The design of the S5 and the value proposition that the phone is dustproof and waterproof was not enough to boost the sales of the S5.

Samsung is back again, this time with two new flagship phones - Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge (and S6 Edge Duos in some markets like Nigeria).

There are more similarities between the two phones than differences. The two major difference between the two phones are the battery capacity and the kind of screen design.

Unboxing Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge

Good Design

Some might have said the phone looks like an iPhone. I beg to differ. The S6 Edge looks like an iPhone as much as an iPhone looks like an HTC One M8. So? Besides the top and bottom of the phone that has a semblance of the iPhone, the edge display, the revamped virtual keyboard, the new TouchWiz, the front and rear view camera are completely Samsung’s. These are areas where the phone really delivers and sets itself apart from the pack.
S6 Edge

Non-removable back and premium aluminum tapered edges

Moving away from the removable back and external microSD feature that has been the hallmark of Samsung flagship smartphones, Samsung is following up on the non-removable and aluminum tapered edge as is applicable on the Samsung GALAXY A3, A5 and A7. The S6 Edge follows the same design language with the Samsung GALAXY A3, A5 and A7. From informations reaching me, Samsung is releasing a Samsung GALAXY S6 Duos, which is the version of S6 that will be sold in the Nigerian market.

While reviewing the medium range Samsung GALAXY A5, I found it to function like a flagship device and an almost capable Samsung GALAXY S5 competitor except that the S5 is speedier and with clearer display than the A5.

The S6 Edge is leagues away from the S5 and the A5. The Camera (selfie and rear view), pretty design, display, fingerprint scanner and TouchWiz come off as superior.

Camera and Photography

I wish that Samsung added manual mode on the S5 like they did with the Samsung GALAXY K Zoom, but the S5 lacked it. However, the S6 Edge camera has several auto modes plus a manual mode that will allows fiddling with the ISO, focus,

I have never been a fan of the shutter sound of the Samsung GALAXY phones. The shutter sound on the S6 Edge is totally different--it has been totally remade. This strikes me like Samsung is finally paying attention to very minor details like camera shutter sound. The new shutter sound is soothing, you’ll want to hear it each that you take a shot (the same shutter sound is applicable when you take screenshots). I turn the shutter sound off by turning the phone to silent only when I want to be mischievous.

Low-light photography wasn’t the best on the S5. This has been fixed with the S6 Edge. Pictures shot in low-light condition don’t come out poor as on the S5. The 16 MP rear view camera of the S6 Edge takes in enough light in low-light condition to produce a bright image. Bright, but a little bit grainy image. The grainy nature of the photo won’t be a concern unless you are enlarging the image and blowing it up into a bigger print. If you share most of your photos on social media or just share with your friends via email, you do not have a problem as the grains won’t be visible.

S6 Edge Photography

You have the ability to add some beauty effects to the selfie photos. The beauty effect is on by default. If you do not like it, you have the option to turn it off.

Fingerprint Scanner

After registering your fingers of choice, opening your phone with your fingerprint is pretty easy. It became my preferred means of opening the S6 Edge. There are times my hand is a little moist from sweat, but the fingerprint scanner still worked. I will score its efficiency 95%. You have the option of setting up a backup password in case the scanner fails to work at any point in time. If the backup password fails, there’s a third option, you can unlock the phone by signing in with the Google account that is tied to the phone.


Unlike on the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Edge, the edge display on the S6 Edge is on both sides. At the moment, the edge display has limited function, but it is the reason the S6 Edge is going to be about a 100 USD more expensive than the regular S6.

With the Edge display on the S6 Edge right now, one can use the People edge, Edge lightning, and Select Notification functions. With the People edge, you can save 5 people to My people and specify a colour to each of them. With your phone faced down, it glows from the edge screen when one of the people preset to your people edge calls you or when you get a notification from them (text message).

Fast Charging and Battery

The 2600 mAh battery on the S6 Edge won’t last a heavy user like myself for the whole day. When I take it off charging at 100% a6t 6 AM in the morning, I am due to start charging it again at 12 PM. That’s about 6 hours. Depending on your usage pattern, the battery might last you the whole day. But assuming you are out and about and need the battery to last the whole day, you have two to three options. One, you can choose to activate power saving mode. Two, you could opt for ultra-power saving mode or find somewhere to plug the phone for a bit and power up charge that can last up to 4 hours in 10 mins of charge.

It will be in your good interest to use the charger that shipped with the S6 Edge as it is optimised for the S6 Edge. Any other charger, even a Samsung charger that is not built for the S6 Edge won’t deliver the fast charging feature.


Finally a keyboard designed by Samsung that really delivers. This is the first time I find myself preferring Samsung’s native keyboard to Swiftkey’s. The screen size of the S6 Edge is still at 5.1”, but the keyboard as small as they are just works. The spacebar is wide enough, providing enough room that prevents accidentally hitting on the period or other functions keys close to the spacebar to the left.

I also found that they keyboard autocorrect delivers. For someone who has been very comfortable with iPhone keyboard, the Samsung keyboard has finally matured. The fact that the number buttons are separate makes it a lot easier to press numbers when typing. If you are not used to the design of the Samsung keyboard, it will require some getting used to; you’ll need to get used to the placement on the question mark, period and some other functions and symbols.


When the S6 Duos and S6 Edge goes on sale globally, people are going to like it and want it. They want it already. But a price has not been fixed for it yet. What might hold some people back is going to be the price.

Pre-order has already kicked off in many markets including Nigeria and South Africa. The phone is billed to be publicly available in the Nigerian market from the 17th of April. This is the phone that has the ability to kill my love for the iPhone.

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