On 28 May 2015 iAfrikan hosted Trevor Wolfe - Managing Director at Springleap - at a #StartupJozi Event in Braamfontein’s Wits Digital Innovation Zone, in the up-and-coming tech based Tshimologong Precinct.

I attended the event.

Attendees present (and myself) listened attentively as Trevor - disruption thinking entrepreneur and tech executive - talked about crowdsourcing and how startups in Johannesburg could be using the concept to build or re-engineer their businesses.

Trevor Wolfe Springleap

He spoke about his own entrepreneurial adventures in the United States. As he was telling us of his journey I felt that my own business ambitions were possible.

We were privileged to an inspirational and thought provoking glimmer of his disruptive past as he spoke about his journey with various startups and companies such as:

  • Moveline, connecting independent movers to families.
  • Instream Sports, connecting retired professional athletes to sports nostalgia fans.
  • SpringLeap, a crowdsourcing creative communications agency, based in Cape Town and New York.

Change the world

Listening to Trevor left me thinking that crowdsourcing offers many solutions for startups, from investment to education (to name a few), most of which are either free or affordable. The only things left standing in the way of an entrepreneur today is a solid internet connection, and the will to put in the hard work.

“Crowdsourcing is the ability to connect the crowd of people that do something and the crowd of people that want that something”

For Johannesburg, and much of South Africa, encouraging crowdsourced driven businesses will drive our local economy. Small businesses without the aid of a massive investment can thrive in the tough times though adopting these concepts.

Small businesses can take on the big dogs, they can disrupt, they can succeed.

You Can Succeed!

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