Infinix started the year with a bang by launching the Infinix Zero 3 at the Hilton Hotel in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi. The event was largely a celebration of what the high-end smartphone has to offer. The young and energetic crowd was truly excited with the phone's specs and the atmosphere was fun to say the least.

A high-end smartphone deserves a high-end launch and as a result, the event was graced by some of the top musicians and comedians currently that included Rabbit the rapper, and Chipukeezy the comedian. While the entertainment no doubt got the crowd excited, it was the phone's specs at a reasonable price tag that got everyone all hyped up.

E-Labs Video coverage of the Infinix Zero 3

The Zero 3 comes with a coning Gorilla Glass, one of the hardest glasses around, and the body is made of kevlar, a material used in the military and aerospace due to its durability. ***This makes the Zero 3 probably one of the most hardy phones available***. If you are looking for a phone that can survive rough treatment (I'm talking about frequent falls) and still come out unscathed, this is probably the device of choice.

The phone is packed with 3 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 16 GB, enough to pack most of your favorite tracks and movies, and with space to spare. Of course, it wouldn't be a review without a look at its camera.

Selfie-Time at the Infinixer Festival

With a 5 MP front-facing camera and a 20.7 MP back camera, ***you now have enough resolution on a phone to match a professional camera***, and to an extent, even better. The phone can shoot 4K video and, the screen resolution beautifully and comfortably supports all those pixels to give you the same quality you get from your 4K SmartTV back home. If it gets too dark, you can always use the LED flash to give your images a professional look.

When I compare the Zero 3 with other high-end phones on the market right now, I would say it is very fairly priced. You are not going to get a phone that shoots 4K and packs a 3 GB of RAM at only 18,500 Kenyan Shillings. Any first-timer will definitely fall in love with the device the minute they get a hold of it. It is comfortable to the touch and appealing to the eye. I would recommend the device to anybody looking for a well-priced device that offers superior quality above market value.

I look forward to doing a full review of the device soon where I will go over each and every detail.

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