Are you finding yourself feeling self-loathing over the prospects for your startup?

Awake in the middle of the night with fevered dreams of paranoia?

![Lord Testing ME](/content/images/2016/04/Lord-Is-Testing-Me.gif)

Here are 5 quick things you should remind yourself, when you feel like you are destined to fail.

1. No Competition

Muhammad Ali - I am the greatest

There is no competition who can touch you!

If you are focused on quality and trust.

2. Virtues & Values


Focus | Mark Hunter

Virtues lead to good decisions.

Values keep you committed to the road ahead.

3. Always Dive With A Buddy

![Diving Buddy](/content/images/2016/04/Diving-Buddy.gif)

If you have someone to talk to, call them.

No matter how late it is, or early it is.

If you chose them to be your partner, they wonโ€™t mind. Thatโ€™s why they are there. You would be there for them, too.

4. When All Else Fails

Royal Melbourne Show

Comic Daredevil Bello Nock - 2013 Royal Melbourne Show | Chris Phutully

Sometimes, all there is is faith.


5. Mistakes Are Lessons

You Didn't Fail, You Just Made An Error

Every mistake is a lesson that needed to happen, and you are intelligently reminded with each mistake that there are many ways to travel, but only one road home.

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