Imagine the greatest sales pitch of your life is about to happen in five minutes. Five minutes is all the time you have to get your act together.

You find yourself in a football stadium surrounded by the "perfect" audience to whatever it is you are selling, but you only have 10 seconds to impress these people. The audience has the choice to stick around and hear the rest of your pitch after the first 10 seconds, but if they don’t like it, they can get up and leave as well.

Five minutes, intense pressure, perfect audience.

What will you say?


Every single content producer, blogger and digital marketer knows about the problem I’m talking about, because they face it everyday. At any time, visitors pop into their websites and they have to impress them for those first 10 seconds, or else they are gone!

It’s a dilemma, trying to figure out the best content that their visitors will engage with. Unless content is well crafted to soothe the desires and wants of your audience, your SEO targets will be undercut and not perform up to required standards.

That’s why content preparation and keyword planning and analysis go hand in hand towards building valuable content that appeals to the needs of your target audience.

Creating Effective Content

Search engine tools are incredible ways to build content around what people want. Tools such as Google Trends, Google Predictive Search, Google Keyword Planner and can be used to decipher what people really want and search patterns can be discovered.

It all comes down to knowing what people want, and we don’t guess at this, but only by proper keyword research can we realistically know what people are looking for.

Priority is key here; having a higher rank of keywords will allow you to focus your digital marketing efforts and create content to rank solely on what people are searching for.

Answer Your Customer’s Deepest Questions

There’s nothing more beautiful than when your website provides the answer to the queries of your customers, simply because you are providing value at first sight.

Keyword analysis helps you look into the proverbial future to have a grasp of your prospective visitors and what they are currently searching for, so that when they come to your website at a later date, you would have already prepared the content ahead of time.

Imagine I’m running a fitness and diet website. So, I head over to Google keyword planner and I then realize that most of my potential clients are searching for keywords related to fitness, nutrition, diet, diabetes and more.

I then decide to start creating some really hot topics and content around nutrition, dieting, fitness and more, until I have so much content that anyone who gets to the site interested in that kind of content will have a mouthful.

How do you think people interested in your kind of articles will feel about your brand?

You will come across as an expert, a great contributor and a place to go for answers to questions about fitness and diet.

How hard do you think it will be getting clients from people who see you as experts a lot easier than when people consider you the average Joe.

Communicating More Effectively

Keyword analysis when done properly will let you have various major segments or categories of topics you can write on. That’s the beauty, once you’re focused on creating content around the specific niches, you can really dig in to answer those deep questions people are facing within your niche.

With keyword research, you can construct content that perfectly targets your message while appealing to visitors who use specific search terms to find you.

Each piece of content can be individually designed to speak to a specific, clearly defined segment of your overall market.

You can also plan your content ahead of time, it’s simpler to segment your content when using keyword analysis, build a proper content calendar, if you build it properly you will ensure that your content reaches people at the right time when they are starting to search for it.

Improving Your Creativity With Data

When you have the data to back up your theories about content production you are a bit surer and a lot more creative when creating content.

As a business and a brand every step taken in your organization’s effort and activity should be taken to achieve organizational objectives and one of those objectives will include profitability and sustainability, when you create content with data; you are securing your business’s future by basing your content marketing on solid search data and knowledge.

Positive Effect On Bottom Line

You must have noticed the effect keyword research has on content marketing and SEO. Anyone who ignores this aspect of content creation will inadvertently be hurting their ability to maximize on revenue.

Communicating with your readers and audience will be a lot easier with the right strategy. When you know your readers most pressing questions and thoughts, it’s a lot easier creating content around all of this.

When you do this, engagement shoots up, people are more excited about your content and they don’t only like it, but they love it. They’ll continue to share it and keep coming back for more.

Cover Image, Research | Mario Mancuso

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