A Kenyan mobile advertising company, MobiAds, released a report on the behavior of users on their flagship mobile app Royalty King. Through their platform, the company tracked 29,940 users to understand their behavioral dynamics while accessing the Internet.

Mobile Online Habits

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Below are some of the findings.

Favorite Browsing Time

The favorite time for browsing is between 1pm and 4pm which is 24.5% of the online access time.

During The Day

During the day users stay offline for 1hr 50 minutes before reconnecting to the internet.

Browsing Time

On average mobile users go online more frequently in the afternoon(approx every 79 minutes) than any other time. Both female and male mobile users prefer to get online in the evening. Mobile users go online more frequently in the afternoon taking pproximately 1hr 20mins to get online. Evening is the most favorite time to get online for all mobile users.

During The Day

Other than the evening, mobile users under 18years prefer going online in the mornings while those in the 18-25 age bracket, prefer surfing the internet at night.

You can read the full report here.

Cover Image, by Oxfam East Africa