It's not a good idea to have Facebook as your only social media marketing platform given the many changes done on the platform. Reach and engagement has reduced drastically and a lot of companies for these reasons are dropping Facebook altogether.

Before you make a rash decision about dropping Facebook, first it’s important to have a closer look at your social media strategy, because most times, the problem comes from there rather than changes Facebook has been making.

Let’s take an in-depth look on some of the causes of below par performances from Facebook campaigns.

Know Your Customers

When, as a business, you have no idea who is buying products similar to yours, there is no way of knowing who your target audience is.

When there is no clear understanding of who the target market is, it's hard to write anything in terms of content that your readers will connect with.

The target market needs to be easy to identify and define, not some group of people you have to think 30 minutes before you can come up with a set of words to define them.

To understand your demographics, you can ask the following questions about your brand:

  • What kind of solutions are you selling?
  • Are your buyers located in a certain geographical location?
  • Are your buyers industry specific?
  • What interests them, engages them, defines them?

When you answer deep questions about your buyers and the reasons behind their purchase decisions you build a solid foundation for a social media strategy.

These questions helps you identify with your audience, you learn about their concerns and they become part of your sphere of influence.

Remember being successful on Facebook all comes down to understanding your prospects, once you’ve done that engaging and motivating them is very easy, narrow down your target and focus on an optimised group of people.

Most People Really Don't Care

Current customers could be a rare exception, but the bulk of most people who make up your fans on Facebook probably do not care about your brand, product or service. They all care about one thing; themselves, their interests and goals.

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Your team of social media marketers should all be thinking towards this direction, what can you give your prospects that they cannot get elsewhere, information, discounts, gifts, education, experience, entertainment, etc.

Put all other emotional attachments aside, people rarely engage with brands for the objective of just connecting. The reason some of your prospects are engaging with your brand currently is because you have offered value to them before.

Facebook is a great place for customer retention and servicing your customers, but when it comes to building a proper relationship with prospects, it takes a bit of time and consistency in providing value on a regular basis.

Audit Your Facebook Page

Once you have a good understanding of who your target audience and buyers are, its time to take a very keen look at your facebook page.

Answer the following questions:

  • Would your Facebook page as it is appeal to your prospects?
  • Why or why not?
  • Is the Facebook page engaging enough?

Providing value is very important when it comes to building a community, and that’s essentially what a Facebook page is all about. There needs to be a concentration on your prospects and what they are getting from being part of your Facebook page.

"Providing value is very important when it comes to building a community."

You can get recommendations from your Facebook fans, what they like or don’t like about your page and changes they will like to see implemented concerning your brand.

Know Your Objectives

Building a great platform and community is great and having a clear understanding of your buyers and audience is excellent, but that won’t do you much good if all those efforts aren’t increasing your bottom line.

Marketing Objectives

You have to be very clear about the objectives you are trying to achieve on facebook, some objectives include, conversion rates, leads, sales, traffic.

You can break your posts into 70%/30%.

70% of your posts can be tailored towards entertaining, informational and conversational while 30% is concentrated towards promoting your brand, service and products. Everything works together towards growing your brand when done smartly from a holistic point of view.

Try not to over-promote, keep it social, engaging and profitable.

What Are Your Brand's Attributes?

What do you want your reputation to stand for? At Vibe Web Solutions, we want to be known as the thought leader and expert when it comes to digital marketing.

You have to know what you stand for, and ensure that every single post on facebook reflects those attributes, this is what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd on social media. When people know you for certain things, you grow become a top of mind brand and the immediate connection for those attributes.

Identify 3-4 attributes, connect them with your activity, reflect them in your images, posts, cover images. It has to be extremely obvious to even a five year old, that once they get on your page and look through your posts, they immediately GET what you stand for.

Keep integrating new attributes and test to see which ones resonate more with your facebook crowd, always keep testing new ideas and checking your insights to see the results.

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