Google has announced that the next iteration of its Android mobile operating system will be known as Nougat, ending the flurry of speculation around what the name would be.

This follows the tradition of naming releases after sweet treats that started with third version, Android 1.5, which was called Cupcake. This was followed alphabetically by Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KikKat, Lollipop and most recently Android 6 Marshmallow.

Nougat is a chewy sugar or honey-based whipped egg-white sweet that often contains nuts. It the stuff in the middle of a Snickers bar.

Nigerians who had pushed for the name โ€œNkwobiโ€ must be quite disappointed right now, considering Nougat sounds nothing close to the South-East Nigerian meal of spicy and delicious cowleg chunks smothered in thick palm-oil sauce.


A family of sweets.

Don't take it personal.

They did ask for suggestions.

It's not just Nkwobi that was dismissed. Some fantastic names were mooted. There were those hoping for Nutella, because, well, it's Nutella. Who doesn't like Nutella? .

A whole Nutella.
A whole Nutella.

Then there was that time when they trolled everyone by hinting that they would call it Namey McNameface.
Namey McNameface
We have Boaty McBoatface to thank for that.

There was even word that they were calling it New York Cheesecake internally as a placeholder

Letโ€™s be realistic. How many people in the world can conveniently pronounce Nkwobi?

N-K wobi?

When itโ€™s not Star Warsโ€ฆ


No Bruh

See, Android Nkwobi just doesn't gel like that.

However, I'm sure most of the guys at Google will enjoy a plate just like these guys.

They have to taste it to understand it.

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