Not many Nigerians stay up-to-date with news from the technology industry in the country. Now, this isn’t because they don’t care; rather it’s because words like pivoting, venture capital, beta, angel investor, incubator, vesting, agile and others are alien and difficult to interpret in the tech context. On most occasions, news about social innovation platforms only spread within tech and digital marketing circles.

Consequently, many miss out on the opportunities to live better lives with websites, mobile apps, and other creations from tech startups, meaning that these startups are potentially missing out on a much larger market.

To make life easier for you and those around you, here are 6 social innovation/tech startups that may be helpful to you now or in the future:

This is a platform that helps with finding rented accommodation in Nigeria while letting you pay monthly. offers fully furnished homes in locations that interest its customers.

Accommodation is one of the many headaches the average Nigerian has to deal with, especially Lagos residents. Aside from paying more than a year's rent in advance, you may have to pay agency fees in addition to buying furniture and other household items, which may take a lot of money and time whether it’s in Gbagada, Lekki, Oshodi, Ajah or Yaba.

This is the problem that Fibre aims to solve.

At the moment, Fibre offers accommodation in two locations in Lagos - Lekki Phase one and Sabo Yaba.

Yesharvest is a weekly online subscription service for fresh fruits and vegetables. Yes, it’s a very long description for the business but it aptly explains what it offers. Every Yesharvest subscription gives one access to 6 types of fresh fruits, 2 types of fresh vegetables, fresh banga fruits, fresh tomatoes and 2 types of flavour, depending on seasonal availability.

The fitfam craze has taken hold among Nigerians, and everyone wants to live longer and look years younger than they are. Also considering that work hours seem to have increased because anyone can be easily reached at any time of the day thanks to mobile phones, email and social media, the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is having the time of its life.

Yesharvest has done well to create a niche for itself with an unfamiliar product - fruits and veggies.

If you’re a fan of smoothies, fruits and vegetable salads, all you need to do is hit up Yesharvest and deliver all your goods every Saturday between 7 A.M and 6 P.M.

Mamalette is a social platform where new mothers can access relevant, quality content online. Here, women can interact with and get support from others going through similar experiences.

There’s something therapeutic about knowing someone else has been in your shoes, especially when they get to share the stories of what they went through and how they triumphed in the end. Mamelette – a name gotten from popular Nigerian artiste, D’Banj – builds on an age-old tradition by taking it online and revamping it into a social platform.

If you have questions about breastfeeding, parenting, marriage, sex and relationships, head on to’s Community Forum for advice.

Paystack is a simplified payment integration system that allows Nigerian businesses accept Mastercard, Visa and Verve cards from anyone anywhere in the world.

If you run an e-commerce website in Nigeria, you’ll recall how tedious and mind boggling it was to integrate the payment gateway to your website. The normal process goes thus: submit your company information to the bank, sign forms, get a web developer to work with the bank payment integration officials to put yours up, test test test, test, test, test, test…. Then finally go live.

This isn’t the case with Paystack. All you have to do is fill an online form, in the same way you’re opening a Twitter account, add in your bank details and go live in minutes.

LifeBank is a platform that makes blood available when and where it is needed in Nigeria to save lives by mobilizing blood donations, taking inventory of all blood available in the country, and delivering blood in the right condition to the point of need.

Accidents happen every time, people fall ill every day and there
is always a need for blood in one hospital or another.

The LifeBank app has a large database of blood donors, and it aims to inspire people to give blood and save lives in their communities. To facilitate this, the app also provides a simple payment system for clients in search of blood products.

Tress is a community of black women from around the world sharing and discovering new hairstyles. Details of the exact products used, how much it cost and the salon’s location makes it easy for Tress users to make the same hairstyles and share more photos.

Women love to talk about their hair, nails, makeup and all of that girly stuff especially when it’s new and awesome. Doing this same thing on an app with women from all over the world makes it even better because it reduces the hunt for trending hairstyles.

Tress caters for women with relaxed hair, natural hair, locs, weaves, braids, perm cuts, even wigs.
Right now, Tress has users in Nigeria, Ghana, USA, South Africa.

If there are any other hot startups in your country that are making your life easier, hit us up on Twitter and tell us all about them.

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