As marketing increasingly becomes consumer driven, it's important for brands to adopt a personal touch when they talk to their customers.

With the rise of social media marketing, brands are now able to communicate directly with the people who buy what they're selling. They are now able to find ways to better market their products, and more importantly, customers can directly engage with the brands they love.

This sort of engagement needs a driving force - someone to drive conversations for the brand and ensure that consumers receive this information on whatever social network they happen to be in. This shift - where brands are taking information to the user instead of vice versa, is where the key turning point of this interaction.

The big question here is, how does a company get to acquire brand advocates?

Knowing that they are an integral part of the brand that they interact with rather than being just another faceless customer often encourages people to talk about your company to their family and friends. Such gestures build long and lasting brand-consumer relationships based on trust.

Here are some tips to help you improve the way you communicate as a brand:

Have a Conservation:

Use a tone and voice that matter. Humanize your brand and continuously take part in conversations. Have time to engage in genuine, and real time dialogue with your consumers and prospects. This will help you define your own social media marketing voice.

Be Authentic:

People want authentic communication with brands. Maintain an authentic tone while posting and interacting with both your consumers and prospects. Your interaction should be human enough and take time to communicate directly with your followers as you perfect your brand voice.

Show your personality:

Maintain a voice that delights your consumers. Happy consumers will always talk about your brand. Put a face on your brand and let your real personality take stage in all your communications. Be on the lookout for the kind of content your followers like and post it. Let your consumers know that besides you being professional, you can also be funny and relatable as well.

Provide relevant content:

People always prefer a connection over information. Ensure that you post content that resonates with your audience. Look for content that directly speaks to your audience.

Be helpful:

Spend most of your time online on tailoring responses that seek to answer queries from your followers. Giving your followers insightful help on matters regarding your brand and services helps you build relationships and drive both traffic and metrics.

Focus on quality engagement:

Engage your customers using thoughtful comments, replies and posts that seek to answer their questions and provide insightful information about your brand. Your priority as a brand should be engaging with your audience rather than concentrating on driving traffic.

Post about other things other than your own brand:

Besides posting about your brand make sure you also take part in conversations that directly affect your audience. When you venture into this field of play, it makes your audience feel comfortable with you because you are human, just like them. Share, Retweet and Repost content from other industry players, relevant news and content that is beneficial to your audience.

Leverage consumer-generated content:

Work to improve on your products and services by largely taking advantage of user generated content. Relay messages that influence your audience to take co-ownership of your brand. Continuously share your audience’s content and play around with your offers in order to give them the kind of experience they are looking for.

With the rise of social media marketing, marketers should shift to marketing with consumers, not just at them. You should view social as a mass communication tool, and you need to use it to communicate to your audience effectively and with a genuine touch.

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