When Spectranet took down its N7,000 (US$20) data plan for 20 gigabytes some months ago, users were pretty angry. Anger was expressed in different ways – from dishing out curses to boycotting the modem and sticking to mobile data.

But we’re grateful that Spectranet has seen the light and has decided to resurrect the Jon Snow of its data pack.

Even though the reintroduced data plan gives you 15GB data (instead of 20GB) and monthly roll over, we’ll take it. Half bread is better than none.

Spectranet Head of Marketing Mike Ogor notes that the reworked data plan is a way of reaffirming their commitment towards ensuring that everyone has access to affordable and faster internet.

“The new plan is in line with our strategy of expanding our resources through tuning our services by adding more base stations and improving the quality of our service,” Mr Ogor said during the launch of the new plan.

“Based on our aspiration of bridging the communication gap, as well as building and deepening relationships and connectivity among families and businesses", he added, "we have introduced this new data plan to encourage Nigerians to access the internet at an amazing cost that will enable families, organization and individuals be more active on our network."

It doesn’t end there.

Unlike Smile that gives you 5GB for N5,000 (US$14) (such ridiculousness) And Swift that gives 14GB for N7,000 (US$20), Spectranet has also touched up its other data bundles.

The N10,000 (US$28) data plan now comes with 25GB as against the usual 20GB while the N5,000 (US$14) data plan comes with 7GB and opportunity to roll over unused data.

Also, at the point of acquiring a Spectranet Modem, customers enjoy up to 40% discount, free data and unlimited night browsing. While the free data is valid for one month, the free unlimited night browsing continues for all customer that subscribe to the N10,000 plan.

There’s just one more pending issue.

Spectranet isn’t really available at the farther end of Lekki-Epe Expressway and some parts of Ojodu Berger. It’s not even available outside Lagos.

We’re waiting on you to fix this Guys. You don’t want your users carrying competition about.

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