Graduation is supposed to be a day you remember for accomplishment and joy. Making your parents happy, and feeling so fulfilled for finally being qualified enough for the working world. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of how the 3,637 students of the University of Zimbabwe [UZ] felt yesterday.

It comes with no surprise that the students were all woke, and knew what graduating for them truly meant. It meant being unemployed and unproductive, especially considering the downward spiral that has come to characterize Zimbabwe's economy.

The students came in formation to express their grievances to the President of Zimbabwe as he gave a speech at the graduation ceremony. When I say well in formation, I mean, they knew the risk it would take to be so expressive, in a country that claims to be democratic, but at the present is behaving like Donald Chump himself!

Tonderai Dombo, who is the immediate past SRC president, demonstrated that he was not having it anymore and held up a placard written 'graduate today, rovha mangwana' - which translates to 'graduate today, unemployed tomorrow', a true reflection of how badly off those who have degrees in Zimbabwe have it. They may be qualified, but they are unable to get jobs, resorting to selling fruits & vegetables on the side of the road, selling airtime to passing cars at traffic lights, or hustling in the middle of downtown selling second hand phones to make a living.

Furthermore, as President Mugabe and his convoy tried to leave the premises, unwarranted gunshots were fired as the graduates sought to keep him from leaving until they were heard. Is this really how we want our fellow youth to remember their graduation ceremonies? Is this what it has come down to?

Lately Zimbabwe has been going through a lot, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. With the unemployment getting steeper, and crazy bank lines to access a maximum of US$100, and the pending doom of the bond note. This recent incident was clearly the icing on the cake.

Cover Image: Tonderai Dombo who holds up a placard written 'graduate today, rovha mangwana' during the University of Zimbabwe graduation

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