Ordering food online can be a tricky experience. On one hand, you are trusting the restaurant to get your order just right, and the food you see in the photo while you clicked 'check out' is the same as what you'll get delivered. On the other, you're hoping the food gets to you on time. A hungry man is an angry man after all...

To solve the latter problem, Jumia Food, Africa's largest online food delivery platform, has introduced an on-time delivery guarantee for all users. The app will track your order from when you check out to when the food gets to you, a first of its kind on the continent.

The new feature is intended to ease the delivery process, increase convenience and add more transparency to the food ordering process.

Delivery Guarantee

As Jumia Food Nigeria's Marketing Manager Justin Irabor explains, the art of food delivery can be broken down by looking at the whole process as a science – and one of the ways to satisfy the customers’ demand for food on the go is through shorter delivery times.

To speed up the delivery process, Jumia Food uses a unique, and specialized tracking software called Urban Ninja, which allows the Customer Service team to track down each food order from the moment the order is placed, to arrival time at the customers’ location. The software makes it possible to dispatch drivers and plan for driver capacity in a very efficient and timesaving way.

Adding to this, Justin says that Jumia Food partners only with restaurants who proved good quality and fast cooking times to increase customer experience as well.

How will this benefit the customer?

After placing an order through the Jumia Food app, a clock appears on the check-out page, giving you an estimated delivery time. When the clock runs down to zero, a pop-up appears inquiring whether the order has been received. If it hasn't, and you click “NO”, Jumia Food's customer service team will directly get in touch with you by phone or email, and you will get a free food voucher which you can redeem on your next order on Jumia Food!

“We know that customer experience is our top priority and our customers obviously use our service for the convenience and easy-to-use application and website", Jumia Food Africa Founder and CEO Joe Falter said in a statement.

Jumia Food customers can expect more innovations like this, Falter added, noting that their goal is to offer variety, along with a frictionless and seamless meal ordering processes, with customer experience at the core.

"Our customers expect to get their food delivered in the fastest time possible", Falter said in conclusion. "That’s why are committed to deliver every meal within the time promised and value the time of our customers very well. Just in case something happens in the delivery process, and an order occurs to be late, we will make it up to our customers and offer them their next order with us for free”.

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