Let me tell you about Victor Mutunga Mutua, an exuberant 23-year-old Afrikan technopreneur based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an ex-Googler, currently working on a number of projects, driven in part by his desire to solve problems using data, collaboration and rigorous, structured thinking.

Data from the African Development Bank Group shows that a growing segment of the population lacks financial literacy and the skills necessary to manage their wealth. With this in mind, Victor did some user experience (UX) research with a hundred families from different backgrounds, and after analysing this data, he was able to identify several key pain points that discouraged Kenyans from saving - the biggest one being a general lack of information on how and where to save.

To meet this need, Victor founded Lakt, a mobile-first finance management and literacy platform running on blockchain that is helping young people to improve their financial habits while offering a standard banking service.

I asked Victor where he saw his company in 5 years’ time, and he confidently responded by saying, “We will be a leading African Branchless Digital Bank and the World’s Best FinTech App.” He already has Mauritius and Rwanda on his radar in the next few weeks, and no doubt the rest of the continent is within his sights.

Victor undoubtedly keeps himself busy, and it would be rare for an innovator such as himself to have time to spare. The other initiatives he is part of include TechWhizz, which helps young technopreneurs build robust solutions. He also consults for leading tech startups.

When I asked him what an innovator’s mind like his does when he's not working, he answered, “Trust me, you'll always be passively thinking on how to better your product and how customers can benefit especially for a small start-up. You get new ideas at such times. Additionally, I always want to actualize my late dad’s legacy.”

Victor's apps and innovations have already won several awards. Lakt was an Innovation Awards Finalists for Best African FinTech App, and iNukaPap won the Nairobi edition of the SeedstarsWorld Tour.

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