FNB South Africa Experienced Yet Another ICT Systems Outage Despite Promises That They Won't

Barely a couple of weeks after the previous ICT systems outage experienced by First National Bank of South Africa (FNB SA), the bank experienced yet another outage in 2016, this time bringing down its mobile banking app and call center on the 1st of November 2016.

FNB SA took to Twitter to apologise for the outages.

As has become common practice every time the bank experiences outages, there was no reason given as to what caused it with FNB SA only further saying that it urged customers to use alternative banking channels such as online banking, cellphone banking, and ATMs.

“The bank apologises to impacted customers for the inconvenience caused. We wish to assure our customers that we are working hard to resolve the matter and restore services.”First National Bank of South Africa

In October 2016 we covered another ICT systems outage experienced by the South African bank, after which FNB SA said to iAfrikan that they don't expect to experience any further outages. Yet barely a few weeks later their mobile banking app and call centers were down. We can only wonder what is going on in FNB SA's ICT Division that has led to so many outages.