, Nigerian hotel booking company has launched, a service that will suggest interesting 'spots' and tourist attractions in Nigeria to users based on their preferrenxes and travel destination.

![](/content/images/2016/11/Hotels-NG-Spots-NG-Nigeria-Tourist-Attractions-1.jpg) will further provide directions, a list of discounted and nearby hotels, safety ratings, and reviews.

โ€œ is our attempt to map out all tourist locations in Nigeria. We are on a mission to open up Africa to travel and show all the beautiful places in the continent that can be travelled to. ties in with that โ€“ now people can finally see and choose from all the fascinating locations that Nigeria has to offer.โ€Mark Essien, CEO of

According to to the Nigerian hotel booking company, was partly created out of itโ€™s Remote Internship Programme which aims to deliver support services in a simple and effective way.

More features have been promised as time goes on and curated spots shall be added to the platform in a move aimed at creating a maximum user experience.

The added advantage has is that it it leverages's platform to provide hotel bookings and lodgings at a discounted rate to tourists and users who discover and experience Nigeria through their platform.

It is also important to note that, as the company also states, "no one else offers these services to the Nigerian user or to tourists coming into Nigeria". is said to be only the first release of a product that is expected to grow.

"We will grow to meet our usersโ€™ growing desires, adapt to their needs, and always be propelled by the need to create a wholesome, fun, and fascinating travel experience."

This launch and the announcement by comes just a week after Airbnb announced its "Trips" offering with twelve cities across the world included at launch, with only Nairobi and Cape Town as the two African cities available at launch. No Nigerian cities are available on Airbnb Trips.

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