Indigitous is a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. They recently held the Indigitous #Hack as well as Indigitous Johannesburg 2016 titled, "Moving From Information To Experience At Indigitous Johannesburg 2016".

Ken Cochrum explains what the ideas behind Indigitous and what it is all about.

As Indigitous Founder, Ken Cochrum, explains, the organisation is a fusion of two ideas. The first idea is 'Indigenous' because it reflects Indigitous' desire for locally-generated strategies that work in each generation, language and culture. Secondly, 'Digital' because Indigitous believes in digital tools, resources, platforms and strategies can accelerate God’s mission.

"Give ownership to people who know what's going on locally. If you don't do that, your solutions end up going sideways."Ken Cochrum, Co-Founder of Inditous

Given their mission, Indigitous offers "multiple online opportunities to follow Jesus and become a multiplying disciple".

One of these online opportunities is through Indigitous #Hack 2016 which was hosted across 28 cities and online too. It was a global missional hackathon held on 4-6 November 2016 in 28 cities around the world and online, an opportunity to unleash the huge potential in a generation of technologists to improve the world as Ken Cochrum explained.

To find out more, visit the Indigitous website.

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