Olatorera Oniru is the founder of Dressmeoutlet.com, an online retailer of fashion, beauty, and home goods. Olatorera is super passionate about all things Africa, never forgetting to learn, dive and gallop through her life with a vision to witness the continent develop to its full potential.

Dressmeoutlet.com is one of Africa's fastest growing, fashion-focused online retailers, selling designer apparel and accessories mainly sourced from within Africa. Dressmeoutlet.com ships globally with customers in the United States, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria and other countries.

Olatorera is a big believer in the Made in Africa fashion industry. Dressmeoutlet.com has customers and suppliers from several African countries, and because of that, Olatorera is frequently invited to speak at conferences outside of Nigeria. She has also received recognition for her work, having been named one of Forbes Magazine's Most Promising Young Africans of 2016, and one of Africa.com's Top Young Africans.

The market is in infancy stages with lots of room for new entrants. Compete for less, carve your niche and be your very best in all your undertakings. Drive your goals with passion and focus on results rather than challenges. Be the leader you want Zuma or Buhari or Mugabe or Trump to be. Olatorera Oniru

“I believe my passion for development, specifically to make Africa greater, combined with my love for people and my eagerness to always work hard best represents me as a person", Olatorera explains. "That can be summarized as my leadership potentials which are what I’m currently pushing forth with Dressmeoutlet.com.”


“Over time", Olatorera continues, "I’ve come to realize that life is meant to be enjoyed fully and everyone deserves to live their best life and be happy. With this notion, I do not delve into challenges or obstacles but rather continuously work on the next steps in achieving greatness in life. When there’s an obstacle, I take a different route; I find a solution. Life is filled with solutions to any and every obstacle; we just have to work a bit harder to locate and fine-tune the best solutions.”

Turns out Olatorera is an author as well. When I asked her what books she would recommend to other aspiring Africans in her field, she told me that she is releasing an empowering, thought-provoking, change-inducing book this year on leadership and success, and that would be her first recommendation.

In order to grow, Olatorera insists that one has to be fully committed to whatever cause they are pursuing.

“I think it is necessary that everyone morphs into any and everything their heart, soul, and mind desires. Want to be a full-time mother? Raise the best kids ever. Want to be a housewife? Support your man whole-heartedly. Want to be a mechanic? Fix cars correctly. Want to be a retailer? Retail to millions of homes globally. Want to be any and everything? Push your dreams!”

“Opportunities are massive", Olatorera says in conclusion. "Natural resources and human capabilities are even more abundant. Let’s drive a growing economy by driving excellence and passion in all undertakings. That’s why I have decided to morph into a fashion enthusiast. We all love fashion; we love looking good, and I’m jubilant being a part of the industry."

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