Sarahah, Arabic word for "honesty", is an anonymous messaging website launched in February 2017 that has become so popular that it has amassed 20 million users since launch with over 2 million users from Egypt and over 1 million from Tunisia.

Sarahah main attraction is that it allows users to send and receive messages anonymously to and from other people. The anonymity aspect of the platform seems to be the main reason why it is popular in Arab speaking countries as some users see it as the perfect place to duscuss topics that are considered taboo in their countries such as confessions of romantic attraction, scathing remarks on people's personalities, and declarations of homosexuality.

Saharah was created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a programmer from Saudi Arabia.

The site has also received criticism from some people who have complained about it being used for online bullying.

The irony of Sarahah's popularity is that Tawfiq had created it for employees to provide anonymous feedback to their employers but it has since found a different set of users.

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