Root, an OfferZen project, will soon be offering a programmable bank account with APIs in partnership with Standard Bank South Africa.


"Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically." said Root in a statement.

OfferZen, an online jobs platform for software developers, has said that Root will be targeted at software developers and the programmable bank account will allow full API access, allowing software developers to have their code interact with transactions in real-time.

The account will also come with a linked credit card.

Root is currently only available in private beta launch and until it is available publicly, the apps developed on Root will only be available to other developers with Root bank accounts.

Standard Bank's involvement is not only to provide the banking functionality but also to provide support for software developers to scale their Root apps to a larger market.

Although a firm launch date hasn't been confirmed yet, Root have said they are working towards having a public launch before June 2017.

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