Malawi Telecommunications (MTL) have said that starting in June 2017 and ending December 2017 they will be decomissioning their mobile phone services and will not be offering Internet and mobile phone services. The telecommunications company uses CDMA and WiMA to provide both offerings.

MTL have cited economic and technological factors as the reason for the decomissioning saying that both the CDMA and WiMAX technologies had reached end of life and were not affordable for them to maintain anymore.

MTL's Tina Das, who is the Corporate Affairs Manager, is reported to have said that MTL has stopped selling gadgets such as mobile phones and dongles, adding that MTL will give customers enough time to exhaust airtime and bundles bought.

Given the decomissioning MTL have said that they will be looking at alternative technologies in the near future in order to provide consumers again with mobile phone and Internet services again.

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