The tech world is never stagnant: There’s always the “next big thing”. Right now, those in the know when it comes to all things related to the world of the future are looking at blockchain technology.

You might not have heard about blockchain technology specifically, but it’s likely you’ve heard about some of the things that it affects. Bitcoin or other so-called crypto-currencies? That’s blockchain technology.

The blockchain is essentially a ledger that operates in the digital sphere — that’s where all the transactions are recorded and verified, and users agree to that mode of operation. The audit of that chain of tech is permanent and revolutionary. It’s unlike anything else that’s ever been done before, and it doesn’t rely on existing infrastructure.

What’s so interesting about the blockchain is that it’s the next step for business in a truly connected way of doing things.

What else should you know about blockchain?

This graphic can help.

Beyond Bitcoin: How Enterprises Can Integrate Blockchain into Business

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