Nairobi will soon be using drones to monitor parking in the city. The service will be used to determine how many cars are in specific parking slots and this information will be checked against the money collected each day to determine which motorists didn't pay.

The company appointed to develop and run the solution for Nairobi County government, Web Tribe, already works with 14 counties in Kenya using different technology solutions to help them grow their revenues.

β€œThe drones will fly across the parking areas in the city twice a day, capturing and relaying the data to our servers. Each of the drones will cost us Sh4 million and another Sh2 million will be used to set up a software to run it,” said Danson Muchemi, CEO at Web Tribe.

Nairobi is reported to be losing an estimated $175,000 (Sh18 million) every month due to unpaid parking fees.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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