JUMIA is currently working on and testing an all-in-one app with deals from its subsidiary companies and other services. The app, aptly named JUMIA One, is being created to boost JUMIA's sales by providing a one-stop-shop for most of JUMIA's e-commerce offerings as well as other day-to-day products such as airtime.

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According to an internal JUMIA message, which iAfrikan has seen, a senior executive within JUMIA explained that the current version is nowhere near finished and that it "will only be tested internally and with small sets of customers,". The app is said to be in its "very preliminary version" and "still under debugging".

The JUMIA One app will allow Nigerian users to:

  • Recharge airtime & data on any phone (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile) and get 5% cash back on your next purchase.

  • Pay electricity bills (PHCN Eko, PHCN Jos, PHCN Ikeja, PHCN Kano).

  • Pay TV bills (DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, TrendTV).

  • Pay Internet bills (Smile, Swift) free of charge (i.e. no fees).

  • Access most of JUMIA's products and services such as restaurants and hotels around you.

Despite stating that the app is only to be communicated internally and that this is a soft launch, JUMIA One in its current "very preliminary version" is available on the Google Play Store for users in Nigeria (you can download it here).

The aim seems to not only be to provide an all-in-one e-commerce app but it could also see JUMIA move into the financial services space too, specifically micro-lending. Given that the JUMIA One app will be using JUMIA Pay for processing payments (currently can process bank transfers from major Nigerian banks and according to an internal JUMIA memo, it will soon process credit cards too), JUMIA will also be looking to provide micro-lending services, "giving the ability to get 100 euros for one month in a few clicks" to quote the JUMIA executive.

Demo of the JUMIA One app.

The plans for the JUMIA One app don't just stop with micro-lending as the company plans to include other services on the app such as the ability to pay for bus tickets in Nigeria, as well as movie tickets. More interesting is the mention of including the ability to do sports betting (or handle sports betting transactions) as well as church contributions on the app.

Although we can't exactly call it innovation or disruption, it will likely have some Nigerian startup founders thinking given they already provide these services digitally but individually through their companies.

Do you think the proposed JUMIA One app will help boost JUMIA's revenues?

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