Egypt's Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Sahr Nasr, has announced that Uber is set to launch a service similar to a public bus service in the North Afrikan country later in 2017. The busses are expected across most cities in Egypt.

Nasr made the revelation during an interview with Egypt's ONE satellite TV channel.

Although Nasr mentioned that it will be a bus service, this is likely going to be a service known as UberHop. It won't be first that Uber has operated it, in 2015 the ride-hailing platform company launched their UberHop service in Seattle, USA and recently announced the same service in Manila, Phillipines. UberHop typically uses bus stops or designated drop-off and pick-up points on popular routes. Up to six passengers can ride together in an UberHop.

Given that you share your Uber ride with 5 other passengers, the fees are said to be typically 30% cheaper than a regular Uber ride.

How UberHop Typically Works

  • Select the uberHOP option and request your route.

  • Walk to the pickup spot. Be sure to arrive on time or you might miss your ride.

  • You’ll depart at a scheduled time and head straight to the dropoff spot.

Since launching in Egypt in 2015, Uber currently operates in Cairo, Alexandria, and Mansoura. With approximately 30,000 drivers registered on Uber in Cairo, it has become the fastest-growing city for the ride-hailing platform in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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