DEMO Africa has announced a list of 35 startups that have been shortlisted from an original pool of 956 applications from 29 Afrikan countries that will undergo the final vetting to launch their products at this year’s launch event in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“We received a total of 956 applications this year, which is about 20% more than last year,” said Harry Hare, Executive Director and Producer at DEMO Africa.

The applications covered all major verticals – health, agriculture, trade and commerce, manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment, banking and finance.

“We are very pleased with the applications received, the diversity and quality is amazing,” continued Hare.

The 35 companies are spread over 10 countries with South Africa and Nigeria leading the pack, where South Africa produced 10, Nigeria 9, Kenya 7, Ghana and Zimbabwe 2 each and 1 from Botswana, Cameroun, Egypt, Senegal and Uganda.

These startups will now undergo a due diligence process out of which 26 startups will make it to the final. “From this pool, we will pick 26 startups that will join 4 other startups, picked from the regional Innovation tours that ran between March and July,” Hare said.

Hare went on to say that the interaction encouraged more startups to apply and stand an opportunity to be amongst the top thirty-five who will get chance on the world class stage to interact with an ecosystem of VCs, investors, tech acquisition specialists, IT buyers and media from across the region and around the globe.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the startups, partners and judges that took part in this process and want to congratulate the startups that have made it this far”, concluded Hare.

The full list of 35 startups:

  1. All Bosses, Botswana, Research.
  2. Temateq, Cameroon, Media - Gaming.
  3. Godayuse, Egypt, Media - Hospitality.
  4. Bisa, Ghana, Health.
  5. KudiGo In., Ghana, Fintech.
  6. Chimera IoT LLC, Kenya, Cleantech.
  7. Mobar Limited, Kenya, Retail.
  8. Shield Enterprise, Kenya, Fintech.
  9. ZOA Tech Limited, Kenya, Fintech.
  10. Daktari Africa, Kenya, Health.
  11. Taz Technologies, Kenya, Logistics.
  12. Optimetriks, Kenya, Retail.
  13. Mobile Forms Africa, Nigeria, Research.
  14. GameBase Limited, Nigeria, Media - Gaming.
  15. Atele Advanced Solutions, Nigeria, Energy.
  16. Peachwater Consulting, Nigeria, Energy.
  17. Suvenia, Nigeria, eCommerce.
  18. Medsaf, Nigeria, Health.
  19. Pepperest, Nigeria, Fintech.
  20. Pesea Techsolutions, Nigeria, EdTech.
  21. Lithium Technologies, Nigeria, EdTech.
  22. JokkoText, Senegal, eCommerce.
  23. K Measure Pty Ltd, South Africa, EdTech.
  24. Picadoo, South Africa, eCommerce.
  25. Ironhead Trading, South Africa, eCommerce.
  26. Tapsnapp, South Africa, eCommerce.
  27. Airbuy, South Africa, Retail.
  28. FinChatBot, South Africa, Fintech.
  29. Intelligent Routing, South Africa, Logistics.
  30. Power Plus Energy, South Africa, Energy.
  31. Rooster, South Africa, Media.
  32. Mobbisurance, South Africa, Fintech.
  33. Sellio, Uganda, eCommerce.
  34. Dadala, Zimbabwe, Fintech.
  35. Dr CADx, Zimbabwe, Health.

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