When you think of a booming gambling industry, South Africa is probably the last place that comes to mind! Contrary to that, South Africa’s gambling industry is actually growing at a steady pace, with an ever-increasing market for casinos.

A New Market

Because of the increased use of technology and smartphones in South Africa, this is a new market for casino insiders. Gambling overall is becoming more popular too, with sports betting and gaming driving massive growth in the sector.

There are more new players in this market than almost any other, as it simply has not been tapped yet. The UK casino market, by comparison, is pretty saturated with both brands and experienced players. Coming to a fresh market with new players is vastly preferable for a brand if they can get the licensing required to do so.

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Legal And Safe

One of the challenges that operators have faced in the past is making their gambling based site appear legal and safe. Some players are understandably daunted by gambling for the first time, as they’re just not sure whether it’s safe or not.

Since 1994, gambling has been legal in South Africa and now more regulatory and socially responsible bodies exist. They police this hobby and ensure that users are gambling responsibly, which makes for a better reputation for the industry as a whole.

Mobile Fun

There are now more smartphones in circulation in the world than ever before. To go along with this, there are also more sites that cater to the average smartphone, including mobile casinos. This effectively allows the user to access a casino wherever they may be.

Nowadays, many review sites exist to tell users all about the best mobile casinos that they can use, like casinojuggler.com for example. This allows them to have an enjoyable experience, in which they can play with more funds and increased security.


Cross Marketing

As we’re seeing more land-based casinos in South Africa, we’re also seeing many of these brands that operate both online and offline too. This is an interesting prospect, as players can come to visit their venue or access them from the comfort of their homes. It’s only really in the last decade or so that this has been possible, thanks to advancements in technology.

While it presents the industry with an opportunity, it also presents them with challenges to look out for too. Without a keen eye from regulatory bodies, this market could easily become oversaturated and unsafe. This is an expense from a government standpoint, so taxes levied on the profits of gambling are key to keeping this industry going.

While the market for gambling is growing steadily in South Africa at the moment, it may reach its peak in the near future. With countries like the UK having a massively overcrowded gambling sector, it’s easy to see how this could happen elsewhere too. Watching the figures over the coming years will be a key indicator of whether this growth can possibly be sustainable or not.