Angola Cables has announced the expansion of their presence in South Africa with a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Cape Town. The PoP is the second one in South Africa for Angola Cables adding to the Johannesburg PoP.

Earlier in August 2017, Angola Cables commenced with the installation of the South Atlantic Cable System in Angola - the 1st direct subsea link between Afrika and South America.

Angola Cables PoPs and Data Centers

Angola Cables Points of Presence and Data Centers.

โ€œThis expansion will give us the ability to attend to local Internet and content demands, as well as enhancing our peering activities in the region,โ€ said Darwin Cost, Product Manager at Angola Cables.

It is expected that the Point of Presence (PoP) in Cape Town will be up and running before the end of 2017. After almost a year of operations in South Africa, Angola Cables says it has seen exponential growth in its customer base. Currently with a PoP in Teraco in Johannesburg, increasing demand has resulted in Angola Cablesโ€™ decision to develop a PoP infrastructure for customers based, or with operations in, Cape Town.

โ€œAngola Cables is spurring the growth of a number of telecommunications markets in Afrika, and as we improve Internet connectivity to and from the continent, we are bringing leading content closer to African users,โ€ said Costa.

According to Angola Cables, they are firmly focused on growing their presence on the continent as they also expand their Afrika-based clientsโ€™ presence overseas. SACS is expected to be completed during mid-2018.

SACS is expected to be the first to pioneer the fastest routes between South Africa and Brazil and the USA. This will be joined later, once completed, by the newly announced Seaborne-IOX cable that connects the USA, Brazil, South Africa, and India. SACS has also developed a โ€˜EuroRingโ€™ to provide African companies with improved connectivity to Europe, including access to the major cloud services providers and content providers.

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