PDF readers are an asset when it comes to creating, editing and viewing PDF documents. But many people wonder why you need PDF readers when you can read PDF files online. This is because they are unaware of the power of PDF readers and what they are capable of.

PDF is a famous file type which was made famous by Adobe Reader, but over the year many readers have hit the market and some even do a better job than the official reader.

Plus, PDF as a file format is also rapidly changing with newer files coming up with newer features, and PDF 2.0 is soon to hit the market in a big way.

Here are a few things about PDF 2.0 that you need to know.

Which PDF readers will be able to read PDF 2.0 which is soon to be released?

Almost all PDF readers are able to read the latest PDF file format 1.7. However, the same cannot be said for the new release of PDF 2.0 which is in the pipelines.

The PDF readers which are not frequently updated will most likely won’t be able to read PDF 2.0 documents. Therefore, it is essential that you turn to good PDF readers that are frequently updated so that once the new PDF file format steps in, you are all ready to work on it.

What PDF 2.0 will bring to the table

While the current PDF documents are also highly secured, one cannot determine the security threats that might come in the future. Everything is digitalizing. Meaning, PDF documents need to provide more safety. Hence, PDF 2.0 file format is more focused towards enhanced security. Other than security, PDF 2.0 files will offer more deployment options and more content handling options than before.

PDF 2.0 is focused at reducing costs by providing new tools to create and manipulate files. These files will be higher quality and easily accessible on multiple devices too.

When will PDF 2.0 be released?

The file was originally slated for a mid-2017 release, but has been postponed to 2018 now. Nonetheless, a final date hasn’t been announced so far.

Why the need to introduce PDF 2.0?

PDF files are widely used in almost all business sectors. However, there are still some issues that its users face. Therefore, there was a need for a more advanced version, and PDF 2.0 is the solution.

The developing team worked upon all the issues that were addressed by users and industry people and the most common issue was poor performance of PDF readers.

PDF 2.0 files will therefore be lighter than before and more capable so that you can easily work on them without causing the system to feel too loaded.

Should you update your PDF files to 2.0?

Definitely. It is an upgrade that will make the overall experience much better for you. Do it even if you see nothing wrong with the current version of PDF.


PDF readers are the only way to read PDF files and with the latest release of PDF 2.0, the need for PDF readers is more likely to rise.

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