The general consensus among the tech world’s elite is divided on the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Some have said it poses a huge risk to humanity, similar to sci-fi movies like "The Terminator". Others are very pro-AI and have repeatedly stated its potential benefits to humanity. Regardless of what side of the equation you’re on, most would be surprised to know that, today, AI advancements have resulted in artificial intelligence tech that is already among us and already beating us at our own game in one particular industry.

That industry is poker, and according to AI research into the growing industry of poker bots, the best poker player in the world is a man-made robot named Libratus, as of 2017. We explore just how advanced this new AI is and based on information from best poker sites, the answer is nothing short of shocking.

AI in 2017

Libratus, the most advanced PokerBot ever created, is self-taught and learns as it plays. It is the brainchild of Carnegie Mellon University’s AI research team. In early 2017, it went head to head against 4 poker pros. Over the course of 120,000 hands, Libratus defeated all human competition decisively, winning over $1.76 million at an average win rate of $14.70 per hand.

With a clear advantage over its human counterparts, it is fair to say that Libratus represents an AI that is truly better at processing information and developing strategy superior to humans, proving that AI is much more advanced than most people would assume.


The level of technology in the AI sector is quickly advancing, and though Libratus-level AI is expensive, it is available already. It currently costs well into the 7-figure range to develop an advanced AI.

However, as the technology exists, it will get cheaper as the years pass. Libratus is capable of ramming 20,000 years of human work and computation into a single week’s effort. This means it is already well ahead of any human, no matter how old or advanced they may be. The simple answer to the question of how advanced AI truly is in 2017 can be summed up simply by the understanding that AI is already more advanced than was commonly known or believed, and it is likely far more advanced than any of us mere mortals can ever be.

![AI, rise of machines against humans](/content/images/2017/12/infographic-ai-poker-2.png)
Infographic: Poker AI marks another milestone in AI research.

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