Though Gearbest has been with us for some years now but some people are still unaware of what the online store actually offers and the benefits of shopping from them. Gearbest stands out when it comes products availability, quality, affordability and accessibility as compared to some competitors as there is virtually no smartphone or electronics device you will find missing in the store ranging from Smartphones, Home Theaters, Televisions, smartwatches, Power banks, laptops and even your clothes, shoes and other wears.

Oh yes, I know you may be wondering why I’m hitting on Gearbest when you can easily work into the nearby physical store to buy your gadgets; well, buying things online is classy and you can find more stuffs in the online stores at cheaper price than looking for them physically but am not totally condemning physical stores. Now permit me to reveal some information you may not know about Gearbest online store.

Gearbest is a Chinese based online store basically selling a wide range of electronic devices at affordable prices and ships to any location.

Can someone from Nigeria buy from Gearbest?

Of course yes. You can search for your favorite item from the comfort of your home and place your order. Your device will be shipped to the address you provided while signing up on the website just as you always do on other online stores. Just ensure your contact details are accurate.

How long does delivery from Gearbest take?

The item you ordered is expected to be delivered to you within 7 days or at most two weeks. However, after waiting for up to 25 days without getting your item, it's probably waiting for you at the nearest post office. So head over to the post office to claim your item. I have some colleagues in Lagos that usually buy phones, and electronic gadgets in bulk from gearbest at a much cheaper price and resale once it's delivered to them. By so doing, they make decent profit. Also others buy single items just for personal use.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

First, select the product/products you wish to purchase, then choose the destination country and the shipping method you want them shipped from. You will then have several delivery options to choose from (standard post, express, etc.). Check the pricing and delivery conditions for each method - certain locations are eligible for free shipping even when using registered air mail, priority line and expedited shipping.


Select the product/products you wish to purchase, then choose the destination country.


Choose free shipping. For more information on shipping and product delivery, you can contact Gearbest support.

How does payment on Gearbest work?

When you eventually found your desired item, you can buy with your PayPal account. According to Gearbest, PayPal is the most convenient payment method in the world. And Gearbest Supports Payment with most Nigerian payment gateways so you absolutely have nothing to worry about. GearBest primarily uses PayPal to process secure payments. Through PayPal, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer (debit card). PayPal Credit: US Customers can pay now or pay over time (for orders up to $99).


Gearbest deals

The Christmas Deals Event on Gearbest runs from Friday, 1st of December till Monday, 1st January, after which New Year deals would be ushered in.

Whether it is mobile phones, consumer electronics, tablets, laptops, wrist watches, or any electronic accessory, there is an amazing discount for you.

Some of the hottest products up for grabs on Gearbest

You can see more deals for yourself on the Gearbest website.


Apart from this, Gearbest also offers super flash deals from time to time to ensure that you make the most of the Black Friday showdown. If you are fast enough, you can capture products for as low as 80%. Isn’t that super crazy? Similar awoofs like Flash sale, Paypal deals, Epic Smackdown, Lucky Bag promo for different product categories etc are also ways the company makes items affordable and reachable to everyone. This promo offers a large discount for folks who like to buy things in bulk in particular.

For more information on shopping via gearbest, you can check this link.