MTN and VANU, a wireless solutions company, have entered into an agreement which will see the companies deliver Internet connectivity to thousands of people in rural parts of Rwanda.

VANU started operations in Rwanda during March 2016 and hopes their partnership with MTN Rwanda will benefit thousands of people in rural parts of the East Afrikan country.

![VANU GSM Portable Network System](/content/images/2018/01/VANU-GSM-Portable-Network-System.jpg)
VANU's compact, portable, solar-powered, self-contained, cellular network system.

According to the agreement, the two companies will integrate their networks to allow for the provision of voice and data services to people who couldn’t previously access them in rural parts of Rwanda. In addition to voice and data services, the collaboration between VANU and MTN will allow for the provision of mobile money services through MTN Mobile Money.

VANU is a telecommunications company that provides solutions that aim to make it possible for people in areas with traditionally poor or no coverage, for example in rural parts of Rwanda, to connect with each other and the outside world.

“We are thrilled to be working with MTN Rwanda, the largest telecoms operator in the country on a project which we believe will have a transformative impact on the lives of Rwandans. It shows that MTN is willing to work with companies, like Vanu, that have the potential to make a real difference in society,” said Anthony Masozera, CEO at VANU Rwanda.

It is hoped that the agreement between MTN and VANU will help in closing the digital divide by providing for services that were previously unavailable to the population of Rwanda in rural areas.

“We are committed to providing an improved rural service to all our subscribers. The agreement with Vanu Rwanda underlines how passionately we feel that someone in a rural area should be able to receive the same level of connectivity as a city-dweller,” said Bart Hofker, CEO at MTN Rwanda.

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