Facebook has launched their classifieds Marketplace offering in South Africa. The feature is now available to Facebook users in South Africa and like other similar offerings, allows them to buy and sell goods with other people in their local community.

Currently, Facebook's Marketplace is available in 47 countries including South Africa. It serves more than 550 million people from around the world visiting Facebook to buy and sell goods each month.

![Facebook Marketplace](/content/images/2018/01/Facebook-Marketplace.png)

Marketplace allows users to search for items for sale based on their preferences within a local community. Prospective buyers on Marketplace can also filter items using price and category. Those looking to sell their items just need to take a photo of the object to be sold, add a description and set the price. Before this, South Africans would use competing online offerings such as Gumtree South Africa or create local community groups in which they advertise goods for sale.

How to use Facebook Marketplace

Given it is a Facebook offering, you have to have a Facebook account and logged in to the platform to access marketplace. Once logged in, you just tap on the Marketplace icon inside Facebook.

Here are some useful tips:

  • To find what you're looking for, search at the top and filter your results by location, category or price.

  • To sell something, take a photo, describe your item, set your price and you are done.

  • Buyers and sellers can communicate with each other using Facebook Messenger.

Also interesting is that Facebook's Marketplace allows users to state upfront their preferred payment method.

Given how fake Facebook profiles are common, the social media company has highlighted that Marketplace will enable Facebook users utilizing the service to report any users abusing the system. Users are also able to flag items for sale that are potentially dangerous or abusive.

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