Uber has confirmed that in 2017 it reached the milestone of 150,000 registered drivers in Egypt. The significant milestone, which maintains Egypt as the largest Afrikan market for the company, was confirmed by the ride-hailing company through its Facebook page.

This revelation comes after Uber has announced that later in 2018 it will be launching its Uber Eats service in Egypt.

Some notable highlights from the announcement also include:

  • 70% of Uber driver partners in Egypt range between the ages of 15 and 35 years old.

  • 52% of Uber driver partners in Egypt have college degrees.

  • Monthly income for Uber driver partners in Egypt ranges from approximately $200 to $700.

  • 50% of the driver partners in Egypt use Uber for part-time work.

Apart from the pending launch of Uber Eats in Egypt later in 2018, Uber also indicated in 2017 that it will be launching Uber Pool in Egypt to expand the available choices it offers to customers, especially those who are price conscious.

All these milestones and pending launches in the North Afrikan country come at a time when earlier in 2018 one of Uber's larger shareholders encouraged the company to focus on its "core markets" and pull out of Afrika and Asia. Uber has since reiterated to iAfrikan that it has faith in the Afrikan market and will continue doing business on the continent. However, it hasn't been a smooth drive all the way for the ride-hailing company in Egypt as it continues to experience some bumps along the way.

Earlier in 2017, Egypt's taxi drivers went to Egypt's Administrative Court to file a lawsuit against Uber and Careem. They filed the lawsuit on 13 February 2017 and the Egyptian Administrative has set a new hearing date of 27 February 2018 to examine the merits of the lawsuit. They argued that Uber (along with Careem) are unfair competition given how their driver partners do not have to comply with any of the public transportation requirements in Egypt.

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