As a medium video is able to engage viewers far better than any other type of content. However that being said, there are some videos that are simply better at it than others.


If you scroll through social media it is easy to spot these videos, as they invariably have a lot more likes, comments or shares. But the big question is: Why are do some videos outstrip others in terms of engagement?

Stimulates Visual and Auditory Senses

A big part of the reason why videos are so engaging in the first place is because they stimulate both visual and auditory senses at the same time using movement and sound. As such it should come as no surprise that videos that leverage both these factors tend to be more engaging than others.

By stimulating visual and auditory senses, engaging videos are able to attract more attention and interest more viewers. Additionally they are able to retain that interest far better by providing information visually in a manner that is easier to absorb.

Lots of different elements have a part to play in stimulating visual and auditory senses, but coming up with visually interesting videos that utilize music is a good place to start.

Triggers an Intense Emotional Reaction

Another factor that plays an important role in determining a video’s engagement is whether or not it is able to trigger an intense emotional reaction. The reason why videos that are funny, inspiring, touching or even scary tend to engage so many viewers is for exactly this reason.

While any emotional reaction can help make a video more engaging, it is the intensity of the reaction that matters most. If a video is able to trigger an intense emotional reaction, it is more likely that viewers will respond to it and share it with their friends so that they experience it too.

Because of the value of emotional reactions, videos that utilize storytelling elements to provoke emotional responses can be particularly potent.

Connects to Viewers Personally

If a video is able to connect to viewers and speak to them on a personal level, it is more likely to resonate and engage them. The topic of the video has a large role to play in this, but so does its personality and design.

Videos that are structured as stories involving a person tend to be good at connecting to viewers. Generally viewers are more likely to be engaged if they see an actual person on the screen.

Because of this, videos such as behind-the-scenes peeks, case studies, or even customer testimonials are often very engaging.

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