Do you want to know which company holds 43,5% of the e-commerce market in the United States?

I am sure that I don’t need to give you three guesses on that one. It is, of course, Amazon. It’s no surprise, with over a million products added daily, you can get almost anything there.

It is not just the overwhelming array of products that makes Amazon such a hit with customers, it is the various service options as well.

Want free expedited delivery on certain items and access to special <a href="" target="_blank"">Amazon discounts?

Join Amazon Prime.

As a seller, you can take advantage of the retailer's huge network and offer your clients these same benefits when using the Amazon fulfillment service. All you have to do is to make sure that your items are properly labeled and shipped to the nearest Amazon warehouse.

Once there, Amazon takes over when someone orders an item. This allows clients to take advantage of reduced shipping or free shipping and leaves the sellers free to produce more products.

Want to be able to read as much as you like?

Join Kindle Unlimited and have your choice of thousands of books to read for a small monthly fee. It’s like Netflix for bibliophiles. The only problem you will have is choosing just one book at a time.

Feel like publishing your own opus magnus?

Kindle Publishing makes it simple to get your book into print without worrying about expensive vanity publishing contracts. Promoting your book is still up to you, but Amazon gives you the basic tools that you need to get it published.

Maybe you prefer to binge watch your favorite series?

Amazon Prime Video can help you out with that one. While the range of shows on offer is not as good as on Netflix, it is still worth a look.

There are a lot more innovative features that Amazon offers but it would be hard to cover everything here without sounding like an infomercial so we’ll cut it off here. Check it out for yourself, if you have never done so before and get primed for entertainment. Amazon Infographic

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