Running is a common yet very effective workout. It is easy to carry out as it does not require any special facilities or equipment.

One can just put on their running gear and hit the road. However, some technological gadgets can make it more enjoyable and motivate the runner. Some gadgets help keep track of the pace, heart rate, time, protecting the various body parts such as eyes, and other uses. In addition to running to keep fit and healthy, one can sample some great steroids such as anavar 20 mr pharma to complement running. The following are some of the best running gadgets that will make 2018 a great running year.

1. FlipBelt


This is the ultimate carrier belt for every piece of run appliances and items you want to take with you. You only need to easily fix the fabric tube onto your waist’s circumference and pack all your running items – phone, credit or debit card, and more, then flip it over.

The beauty of FlipBelt is that it is not another sort of a bag with straps and adjustment buckles. Instead, it conveniently grips your waist with no bouncing around. To further do away with any luggage, you can get specially designed water bottles to fit into the belt and bid farewell to carrying the bottle unbalanced on one side in a backpack.

2. Shapeheart Armband

Shapeheart Armband

This is a great two-in-one gadget that has a heart rate tracker and a phone holster. It saves space.

There is no need to carry two things, thus increasing the runner’s efficiency. In addition to the Shapeheart Armband allowing you to carry your phone conveniently, it allows you to track your heart rate more accurately than with a watch. It makes it even easier to access the phone by just detaching it from the magnetic case to make or receive a call, as well as capture those memorable snaps (selfies).

3. Knuckle Lights

Knuckle Lights

There are seasons when nights are long and the cover of darkness envelopes early. Knuckle Lights come in handy in such times because the runner does not need to hold a light while on the run.

The lights are fastened around the knuckles, using adjustable straps. They come in a pair; one light for each hand to signal to motorists while crossing roads and to alert other people that you’re coming through.

4. Lumo Run Sensor

Lumo Run Sensor

This ranks among the best gadgets for runners globally, and it is worth having for any runner keen on making their speed and performance better. It comes with at least seven different sensors in one gadget.

It brings together a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a vibration sensor, among other sensors. Your only task as a runner is to fix the very light (about 25g) device at the back of your shorts.

This gadget monitors all your crucial running numbers, such as pelvic bounce movement, cadence (steps done per minute), and the extent of brake you do with each step. It transmits them to the Lumo app for your review later. It also gives you customized suggestions for pre- and post-run workouts depending on how you have just performed.

It provides you with tips on the various areas of your form that you need to give attention as you do each run. It comes with live audio guidance so that you can adjust your form as you run. The audio tips and GPS stats, like pace, are only available if you have your phone, thus those who like running light may miss on this. You will find the gadget the best thing to track your phone-free runs, as it has inbuilt storage for such sessions for up to 20 run days.

5. Runbell


As running lights/knuckle lights enable others to see you, Runbell put others at notice of your coming through.

By simply using your thumping feet, Runbell will make the sound loud enough to get through the large gathering of people with music playing distantly. The bell sound cannot be ignored, and people give way for a bike to pass, only for a runner to pass instead.

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