""You, Baby and I", a South African startup that build a platform that helps mothers with product advice and reviews as well as marketing and influence for companies that have a vested interest in the parenting industry, has been accepted into the Collective Global Accelerator programme. The startup is one of only two Afrikan startups to be accepted into the accelerator programme from 4,600 applications globally.

Co-Founded by the husband and wife team of Shaney Vijendranath and Vije Vijendranath, the South African startup has indicated that it hopes its participation in the Collective Global Accelerator, which is set to kick-off in June 2018, will help it raise international funding.

![Shaney Vijendranath](/content/images/2018/05/images--27-.jpeg)
Shaney Vijendranath, Co-founder and CEO at "You, Baby and I"

"The accelerator’s purpose is to help build the social influence aspect of Momsays [a " You, Baby and I" service] by helping extend the platform to help moms who want to run their own businesses as well with a program to assist moms design products they wished they had, leverage the moms to test out their ideas and prototypes. The idea here is moms are best suited to solve problems moms have. They have world class international mentors and coaches vastly experienced in the startup industry to assist her and that made it worthwhile," said Vijendranath to iAfrikan.

Momsays is a new service being developed by "You, Baby and I." It is an analytics and intelligence platform designed to get mothers involved in the product design, development, marketing and sales process so companies can benefit by using the collective knowledge of experienced moms to make better products and sell more. The startup hopes that this will in turn help new moms in getting the right advice and products throughout their journey of motherhood.

Momsays by "You, Baby and I"

"This will also allow the moms that take part in receiving benefits such as discounts and vouchers from the companies," added Vijendranath.

"You, Baby and I" was started in 2014 as a blog to share content about the experiences of Shaney Vijendranath, whom at that stage, became a first time mom. vijendranath used it as a way to share her experiences and in the process got other moms with similar experiences to share their views on motherhood. It went on to attract over 100,000 visits per month with over 40,000 moms looking for stories and product advice each month.

The Collective Global Accelerator is 4-week co-living accelerator programme focused on social entrepreneurs. During the programme which will be based in London, the entrepreneurs will also get an opportunity to meet with potential investors from across the world.

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