Applicants always wonder how it is possible for them to impress an admission board and easily enter into a desired educational institution. It’s no secret that an essay means a lot when applying to a university and the admission board usually give preference to applicants who have managed to write extraordinary and interesting paper.

Willing to succeed, applicants start searching for the topic which will help them easily enter into an educational institution and prove the admission board they are going to be great students. If you also wonder how it is possible for you to write an excellent paper, you can look here in order to find the best topic which will help you reach your goal. It is also worth taking several essential aspects into account when writing your application essay.


Most of the educational institutions include the question concerning applicant’s future career into the essay topics list.

What is the field you want to be engaged in and why?

Are there any companies you would like to work in, if so why you have chosen these companies exactly? Would you like to start your own business and how would you develop it?

All these questions matter and are able to reveal your intentions and aspirations. Try to determine your goals. They should be:

  • not simple to reach, but realistic;
  • specific and clear, you don’t have to doubt them;
  • aimed at progress, self-perfection as well as demonstrate your willingness to develop, grow and
    improve your skills.

It is also suggested to unite your career and life goals.

Leave an impression

You have to avoid certain mistakes if you want to write an application essay which will capture the attention of the admission board and help you succeed.

  1. An essay is the chance to prove yourself, your skills as well as demonstrate your desire to become a better person and always develop. That’s why you don’t have to put too much information about your previous achievements, but focus on future ones.

  2. The boring beginning. An applicant should not start his/her paper with a long representation but write an interesting or unusual fact which will impress the readers and make them want to continue reading the essay.

  3. Writing the same essay for each educational institution. This is a wrong approach which will not help you succeed. Writing an application essay, mention all the advantages and achievements of the educational institution you would like to enter into. In this regard, visit the university's website and find all the information which will help you write a perfect paper.

  4. Empty phrases. Don’t write senseless phrases and sentences in order to make your paper longer, it will not be appreciated by the admission board.

  5. A willingness to write as much about yourself as possible. There is no need to write an autobiography. It’s enough to write only three or four sentences which will help the admission board get to know you better.

  6. Avoid jokes. Don’t write inappropriate or offensive jokes, be careful when using humor in your essay.

  7. Neglecting editing your text. You should always reread the paper when it’s written in order to fix all the possible logical and grammatical mistakes. You may also ask your friends or relatives to read it for you and help you make corrections.

  8. Writing the paper in a hurry. It is suggested to allow as much time to writing as possible. Don’t neglect searching for all the necessary sources and creating a plan beforehand.

  9. Expressing someone else’s opinion. You should always express your ideas and thoughts on the matter in hand, not someone else’s, since it may lead to some problems during the application interview.

  10. Not following the requirements. It is necessary to always follow all the writing recommendations of the university you are applying to. It concerns the structure, formatting, and style.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may always turn to your teachers who will give you some recommendations and help you write a good application essay. Don’t forget, the most essential principle of writing an essay – be yourself and always express your own opinion on the topic of your paper.