More and more technologies are getting innovated and introduced and to handle the latest innovations, it is essential to recruit top-notch professionals. Most of the big companies are nowadays looking for the best and competent candidates, who can take up professional challenges and handle those challenges properly.

If you want to make it big by earning the employment opportunity in a big MNC, then you have to acquire some unique qualities. Certification exams are one of the best ways to gain that extra factor. However, achieving success in these exams is like a big challenge, as they will be designed to find out the most deserved candidates.

What is Microsoft MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification?

If you are an IT professional or in case you are a final year student in computer science and engineering, then you might have heard the name of MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. It is one of the reputed Microsoft certifications.

70-742 Networking with Windows Server 2016 exam included in this certificationprepares IT candidates on the domain of placement, configuration, and troubleshooting about different identity services like Active Directory Domain Services, etc. The course of the Microsoft 70-742 exam enables its candidates to get a firm grip over the placement as well as the installation of AD FS and AD CS.

The exam analyzes the capability of candidates regarding the accomplishment of various skills relevant to this exam.

Who should write the Microsoft 70-742 exam?

Every exam is designed for a different base of candidates, and it goes well withMicrosoft 70-742exam. In other words, every exam has its target audience. If you are a student and interested in making your career in the particular field of Domain Name System, Active Directory, and various other Microsoft identity services, then you should appear for this exam.

In case you are already working, or if you have experiences with the Microsoft environment, then you can think about appearing for this particular exam.
System administrators, searching for acquiring knowledge regarding access technologies (Windows Server 2016) as well as identity, can sit for this particular exam.

Infrastructure administrators holding the knowledge and experience of general Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) can appear forMicrosoft 70-742 exam.

You have to gain knowledge on the procedures of installation and storage on the latest server OS of Microsoft. It’s also important to grasp the fundamental concepts of networking as well as identity features regarding Microsoft 70-742.


By achieving success in Microsoft 70-742 exam, you will be capable of installing Windows Server 2016, executing storage solutions, Hyper-V, Windows containers, implementing high availability, maintaining as well as monitoring server environments, etc.
Undoubtedly, you will be benefitted when it comes to the question of shortlisting candidates in the interview panel.

Some Preparation Tips

You already know that Microsoft 70-742 exam is not an easy exam that means you have to make a good preparation strategy. However, some tips can be helpful for you in preparation for this particular exam.

First, you have to search for proper study material, and so an appropriate online platform like can help you a lot. Don’t forget to check students’ reviews before making a final decision. You can also inquire about the faculties who have prepared notes because it’s crucial to study correct concepts.

You might have heard about Microsoft’s Virtual Academy. This particular academy offers a learning resource for no cost. You can discover presentations, study materials, and many videos to make yourself prepared for the specific exam. You can find out various learning materials about Microsoft technologies.

With such resources, you will not only capable of introducing yourself with the basic and advanced concepts, but you will also get valuable insights regarding various vital topics.
By utilizing such study materials, you can boost your knowledge and improve your confidence level to a great extent. Although, the content is available free of cost, however, it is of excellent quality. Thus, you can start preparing for 70-742 exam.
You can also make use of a Microsoft revision guide to make yourself prepared for this particular exam. These study guides are very much used to help you in structuring your preparation strategy. Revision guides will also be helpful in finding out the key areas that you have to emphasize. It will provide you with guidance throughout the entire exam.

If you are interested in self-preparation in offline mode, then buy some useful books and start your preparation. You can take help from experienced professionals and get resolved your queries.

You can also participate in a Windows Server forum to prepare for Microsoft 70-742 exam. Through this particular platform, you can start a conversation with other candidates. It works as an excellent platform for group discussion where another will resolve one's problems.

By joining the forum, you will get access to an incredible platform to communicate with an intelligent community. It offers you the scope of performing work on complicated and innovative elements. You can also ask questions and can even hear from others, who have got the taste of success and failure in Microsoft 70-742 exam. You can know their experiences in a better way, and thus you can modify your preparation strategy (if required).

Different other forums are there on the internet, offering the best-in-class resources, proper guidance, and helpful tips that will be helpful for you throughout your preparation. You can also ask questions regarding this exam. Many topics are usually discussed in these forums, and probably it might happen that someone has already answered your question.

Practice tests are significant to take after covering the topics. These tests will analyze your skills and knowledge that you have gained throughout the preparation. Thus you can get an idea about the real exam and can also find out the weak areas that need further study. Start preparing for the Identity with Microsoft 70-742 exam and hope for the best.

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